5 Budget-Friendly Tips for an Awesome Travel Experience in Tokyo

5 Budget-Friendly Tips for an Awesome Travel Experience in Tokyo

April 22, 2020 Off By Helen Olsson

If you are headed to Tokyo, the capital of Japan, then you are in for a cultural experience like no other. You will undoubtedly enjoy panoramic vistas from Mt.Fuji to the broad range of intricate temples. You can also count on enjoying a gastronomic feast eating sushis, donburis, makis, teppanyakis, wagyu steaks, and more. The only downside is your wallet may explode. 

The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But fret not for you can still explore this beautiful country by cutting corners where you can. By using a Japan sim card or eating in convenience stores, you can explore the nation without breaking the bank. Check out these easy cost-cutting tips below so that you can travel around Japan on a budget.

Get a Metro Pass 

You will definitely need a Metro pass or transit pass to get around a big city like Tokyo. With traffic to contend with in a bustling city, there is no sense to take taxis and Ubers because these are expensive. Investing in a 24, 48, or 72-hour Metro pass is an excellent idea because you will get your money’s worth after just a few trips in the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. 

This means you don’t have to buy individual tickets for each of your excursions. You can even purchase this ahead online before your arrival and use it on a train ride coming in from the airport into the city. Friendly advice, unless you understand Niponggo, the official language, you’re better off buying online because the non-English machines at the train stations are somewhat tricky to navigate.

Buy a Local SIM Card

If you’re going to wing it in Tokyo for a couple of days, it makes a lot of sense to get your own Japan sim card. Whether you are site seeing or going on a business trip, getting a prepaid sim is a good option so that you won’t amass such a big phone bill after your trip. Roaming fees are expensive, so you can’t make calls or use unlimited wifi. 

With a prepaid sim, you’ll have convenient access to the internet anytime. You don’t have to desperately search for a free wifi hotspot, along with its associated security risks. These cards usually have enough juice so you can make both international and domestic phone calls. Moreover, these are loaded with enough data to last your trip, so you can Skype or search Google Maps anytime. 

Save on Accommodations

One of the most expensive things in Tokyo is living costs because space is limited. Finding cheap accommodations is not easy, but it can be done with proper planning. Be sure to make arrangements ahead of time. Doing things on the eleventh hour will leave you with limited options. 

You can try AirBnB, hostels, bed and breakfasts, or capsules (which are small pods to sleep in) if you need something cheaper. Hotel rooms do cost an arm and a leg. If you book a more affordable option, don’t worry because the Japanese culture values cleanliness and good hygiene. You can rest assured these places are spic-and-span, giving you unparalleled service at rock bottom prices. 

Ride Buses Over Their Trains For Long Trips

If you are travelling far, you can save on accommodations by taking an overnight sleeper bus, which is quiet, clean, and cozy with reclining seats. Coaches are so much cheaper forms of transportation if you’re thinking of out of town travel. There are numerous bus operators, which you can book online. 

Do check out Kosokobus for a comprehensive price list, schedule, and route guides. You can pay online, and you will receive instant confirmation via email or mobile phone. Willer Express is another bus operator that offers three, five, or seven-day bus passes, which have corresponding discounts. They also have packages for Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday. 

Enjoy a Gastronomic Feast at Food Chains

The Japanese have reinvented the concept of fast food. Unlike in other countries where ready-to-eat food is frowned upon, they have perfected the art of serving quick and cheap meals that are still healthy and tasty. 

You can get a steaming bowl of fragrant rice, enjoy delicious miso soup, get juicy dumplings, and feast on crispy katsu, along with dessert and matcha green tea for rock bottom prices. These are available in fast food chains like Matsuya or Yoshinoya. Even their convenience stores like Family Mart serve delicious food that’s easy on the pocket. 

Although Japan is an expensive city, you can still go around the country without blowing your budget. By using cheaper alternatives like availing of discounts and promos, you can still enjoy a pleasant trip and make tons of memories. Exploring a new country doesn’t mean you have to fork out a huge amount of money. You also don’t need to win the lottery just to make the trip. If you know how to travel smart, you can still have a chance to explore the world.