3D Duplex House Plan

3D Duplex House Plan

April 22, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

What is a duplex house? This house has two living units attached to each other. These houses are also known as townhouses and we have all seen a house like this. Today in the post, we will keep on a 3D duplex house plan and I invite you to be our follower for some time!

Which day is today? Today is 22 April and maybe some you forgotten that is the Earth day, the day of our mother. Happy day today!

3D duplex house plan

As we can see lovely house with driveway, garage place, stairs indoors, front yard. In indoors we can see bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and entryway.

3D duplex house
Photo via www.peninsulavinod.blogspot.com

It’s another house plan

The second photo is again about the duplex house plan and maybe you will wish to check it. Garage place, terrace, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom and this is it. You have the chance to see a perfect plan hereinafter in the photo.

floor plans
Photo via www.hilaryali.co

House plan with elevator

The next house plan is again duplex but this time with an option for an elevator. It’s a great choice for future home and way of living./ Take a look at the third photo and third plan of today’s post.

3D duplex plan
Photo via www.amazingarchitecture.net

Duplex house plan

A place for the car, place for cooking, a place for sleeping, a place for sitting, and a place for everything. There is a place to spend here all life while enjoying life. Do you have some time to check the following plan?

Photo via www.amazingarchitecture.net

Ground floor – plan

This is ground floor, it’s a house plan with bedroom, living room, kitchen, front yard, garage, dining room. Take a look in the next design and plan for your house place. ( foe the future home).

duplex house
Photo via www.hdsweethomedesign.blogspot.com

What do you think, which plan is the best for you? Tell us in a comment and also share the plans with friends. Thanks for your time and have a nice rest of the day, be with us the next day.