12 Simple And Practical DIY Jewelry Holders

12 Simple And Practical DIY Jewelry Holders

July 10, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Every lady enjoys to add some piece of jewelry on her outfit. But sometimes when you’re in a hurry, it becomes hard for you to find your required jewelry, it in the mess when everything seems to be tangled around. I’m sure that you had this problem and you’re still trying to find a solution. That’s why we decided to prepare this post for you in which we present you 12 simple and practical DIY jewelry holders, and now you will be able to find the accessory you need in no time. These ideas will make your life so much easier.
I recommend you to make this interesting jewelry holders as soon as possible. Also, they can make your place looks modern and sophisticated. Choose the one you think it’s best for you and start to work!!

1. Hanger Like A Jewelry Holder


2. Kitchen Grater Like Earring Holder

Full tutorial on www.curbly.com


3. DIY Jewelry Box


4. Jewelry Stand Made From Old Frame

Full tutorial on www.curbly.com


5. Jewelry Holder From A Rake 


6. Lovely DIY Jewelry Organizer 

Full tutorial on www.lizmarieblog.com


7. Easy DIY Jewelry Holder

Full tutorial on www.genckolik.net


8. DIY Jewelry Stand From Scratch


9. DIY Jewelry Display

Full tutorial on www.designimprovised.com

10. DIY Jewelry Organizer

Full tutorial on www.eyesofstyle.com


11. DIY Jewelry Stand 

Full tutorial on www.genckolik.net


12. DIY Plate Stand For Jewelry

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