12 Creative ways to beautify a small apartment

12 Creative ways to beautify a small apartment

April 13, 2014 Off By David Bankston

The size of your home is not so much important, but the warmness in it. Here are 12 creative ways to beautify a small apartment to make a functional and visually larger.

1. Select long curtains

Set high to ceiling curtains so that your windows will be more visually, as well as the entire room.

2. Paint the walls

Quite a creative solution to enter playfulness in your place of residence. If you paint the walls in different colors space might seem more exclusive, so if you want to enter the color in your home, a better solution is to paint the walls in bright and attractive colors.

3. Double feature

Wherever you have a chance make the things more functional. For example, the wall in the living room a long table set with multiple drawers that can serve as a desk, and when you clear materials can also serve as a bar or table with snacks if arranged manner.


4.  Hide unnecessary things

Photo via www.ismii.com

Photo via www.ismii.com

Living in an apartment often means dealing with things you cannot change. Unnecessary things like cables, switches and the like, you can “masquerade “as the wall paintings.

5. Plus room

Suppose you live alone, with a partner or roommate .The dining room it’s not so much needed so the best would be to rearrange the space and use more rational.

6. Take the walls

The smartest way to save space is putting shelves on the walls. Handy, look nice and save a lot of space.

7. Additional area

It is always a good option to add shelves to the kitchen to get additional space for food storage.

8. Rugs

If you rent or have no funds for more expensive interventions may be approaching a floor which does not match the style of your apartment. The best solution is to invest in carpets that will cover what you don’t want to be seen.

9. High furniture

Photo via www.haybert.com

Photo via www.haybert.com

By choosing higher furniture visually enlarge the room. The shelves of your commode is closer to the ceiling, the living room will look larger.

10. Mirrors

Attach the flat mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Choose mirrors with frames that will highlight decor. Certainly, with no exaggeration.

11. Take pieces of old furniture

If you have a closet that did not fit in your edit, remove some parts of it and paint it with new color. The largest space environment use it for hanging coats , the bottom of the shoe store , and if you need more space , you can find very cheap large storage boxes of useful things that will set the other shelves . That’s so easy from the old closet you will also create a perfect piece of furniture in the hallway.

12. Remove doors from closets

The doors of closets replace them with interesting drapes in order to save space and to get greater accessibility.