11 Signs Which Indicate That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

11 Signs Which Indicate That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

February 12, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

The roof is perhaps the most important part of a building’s architecture as it offers structural support as well as protection from the weather. This is the reason that you need to be vigilant about its condition and keep it well-maintained. Roof replacement is a major job that homeowners may need to invest in when it gets damaged beyond repairs. Now the big question is about its timing; ideally, it should be done after a certain period of time or when there are certain signs that indicate the need for it. Here are a few signs which hint that your home roof needs a replacement job.

1. The roof is aged and damaged

To start with, the age of the roof is the key parameter that decides the need for replacement. Younger roofs can be tended with repairs while older ones may need complete replacement. There is no one-size-fits-all rule for replacement age but you should opt for it when the damage seems extensive. If your neighbors are replacing the roofs for homes constructed in the same period, you should also consider doing it.

2. The shingles are deteriorated  

If you notice extensive deterioration of the shingles, it is time to consider a replacement seriously. Look for signs like missing, misshapen and misaligned shingles. If the edges seem to be curled up or clawed down with a bulging center, it indicates increased susceptibility to wind uplift and loss of durability. Similarly, broken or cracked shingles may cause damage due to moisture. These are the indications that the roof may no longer be able to bear the harsh weather and should be replaced sooner rather than later.

3. There is excessive granule loss

Granules play a key role as they protect the shingles from the damage caused by sun exposure. Loss of granules is manifested in the form of inconsistent coloration and bald spots on the shingles. These signs should be taken seriously as the loss of granules accelerates the deterioration of shingles and may cause extensive damage over time. Timing also matters because older shingles tend to lose granules at a faster rate.

4. The roof appears to be sagging

A sagging roof is a major red flag as it points to a structural issue and warrants immediate replacement. The reason could be an old and compromised framing and the sooner you get it done, the better it is. The only remedial measure of this problem is to opt for a complete replacement because the repair would only be a quick fix. Even if you do get it repaired, things may get worse and you would need to replace it soon.

5. There is evidence of leaks

Leaks are another danger sign that homeowners should not ignore at any cost. The leaks can be small or large but they are still dangerous. The subtle signs that you may notice include water stains with the appearance of mold and rotten wood. The biggest concern is that these signs are likely to go unnoticed till the damage gets worse and prompt action is needed. According to Orlando roofing services, you should immediately contact a professional when you notice moisture or water in the roofing.

6. There is moisture or daylight in the attic

Another sign that you should look out for is the appearance of moisture or sunlight in the attic. Moisture from a damaged roof is usually visible near the eaves as it gradually seeps through the compromised areas and gets accumulated there. Similarly, you should also be vigilant about the daylight shining through the roof. Though a faint glow is considered normal, beams of light shining through are a danger sign that you should not overlook.  

7. The roof valleys are compromised

Functional roof valleys are critical for the strength of your home roof because they carry the snow and rain into the gutters. Any compromise indicates that the roof could be susceptible to leaks and subsequent damage. Look out for the shingles falling apart or missing in this area and consider a replacement if you notice something amiss.

8. The chimney flashing is damaged or decayed

The chimney flashing is essential for the prevention of moisture from making way into the joints in the roof. Damaged or decayed flashing is an indication of the increased risk of water damage. Similarly, the flashing consisting of roof cement or tar should be replaced with water-tight fitting. Timely replacement can save trouble in the long run.

9. There is excessive moss growth

If you notice excessive moss growth on your roof, you need to contemplate a replacement sooner rather than later. Though it may appear harmless it can cause serious damage in the long run by absorbing water and causing significant decay to the roof structure. Moss can easily grow in any space that may be available between the shingles and compromise the roofing system with the passage of time.

10. There is excessive ice damming

The melting of snow on the upper portion of the roof may cause the liquid flowing to the eaves and refreezing. This process is referred to as ice damming. When this happened repeatedly, the accumulated ice pushes the water under the shingles and results in leakage. Ice damming can be curbed with proper ventilation of the roofing system. Excessive ice damming, thus, is a warning sign that your roof needs to be replaced.

11. The attic is infested by animals

Small animals such as birds and squirrels living in your attic can be a big concern because this may be a sign of the roof being broken or missing partially. While these animals can cause a riot in the attic, they can also worsen the damaged area by digging holes wider and deeper.

Now that you know the indications of roof damage, you should be more vigilant. Timely detection and early action can make all the difference because it ensures that the replacement is done within a minimal time span and at an optimal cost. Also, it is important to avail the services of an experienced and reputed roofing contractor to handle the job.