Wooden Sliced Lamps For Authentic Home Design

Wooden Sliced Lamps For Authentic Home Design

December 12, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

If you are a lamp lover, you are the right place at the right moment to look for our beautiful wooden sliced lamps that will help you in creating a modern home design. These lamps are a unique decorative element that you can add it the floor of your living room, on the nightstand table in your bedroom. the most amazing thing is that you can replace it wherever you wish to and to create a unique design of the room.

In the following, we will present some of the best wooden floor and table lamps that you will maybe wish to have in your home place. Please also take a look in these bunk bed ideas for parents with four kids.

Wooden sliced lamps that can be described with one word – MAGNIFICENT

Bring the style in your home with the best choice of these wooden lamps that will beautify any part of your house place. Scroll down check this photo but also check the next photos which will inspire you for sure. By the way, check also the following photos which are similar to this one.

Stylish floor lamps made of firewood

Choose stylish floor lamps to beautify your home place, this is the thing that your home needs. Take a look in this photo and find motivation for your home place.

Some of the best wooden lamps you have ever seem in life

And here in this photo, you can see some of our the best lamps that your home is already missing. I’m telling you that your task is to take a look in the photos below and to find motivation.

The best floor lamp made of rustic wood

If you are of those people who don’t want tall floor lamps, this is what you are looking for. Your floor lamp can be short, made of sliced wood and can be unique and stylish.

rustic lamps

Photo via www.6sqft.com

Wooden sticks lamp with a unique design

These wooden sticks will be the favourite part of your home, don’t think too much before buying this lamp for your home place. Scroll down and see this photo which will be your inspiration for sure.

sliced lamps

Photo via www.haytham.us

Reclaimed wood table lamp

I have always wanted the beauty of wooden elements in home place, and I will surely wish to have at least one lamp like this in my home place. Find inspiration in this photo which is an amazing idea for your home.

reclaimed wood lamp

Photo via www.neatleaf.co

Add this wooden lamp with slices on the table in your office room

Also, bring the modern style in the office room and make easy your life. When we are satisfied with the office decor we are motivated to work more and more, and this lamp will provide enough light for you. Please feel free to share the ideas with friends and we will be grateful to you and still be looking for unique decorative elements. Bye!

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