Wonderland, Abandoned Amusement Park That Was NEVER Opened

Wonderland, Abandoned Amusement Park That Was NEVER Opened

October 22, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Have you ever heard about the Wonderland? Here in the post we will give you some facts about it and we will show you through photos what GHOSTLY remained here in the place. Wonderland, a Disney World-style theme park that the Chinese government promised would be “the largest amusement park in Asia.” It got built but never opened. Beleive or not, adventurous tourists journey from all over the globe to check out what remained in the place and how it looks. Check the photos below.

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 As I said before, Wonderland was a never-completed amusement park project located in Chenzhuang Village, Nankou Town, China, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) outside of Beijing. The park was designed to be the largest amusement park in Asia (to have covered 120 acres (49 ha) but it was never finished. The construction stopped in 1998. the biggest reason for stopping this project was financial problems with local officials, while a 2008 attempt to start construction again also failed and today there is nothing stayed from the park. Even though, it was promised this to be the largest park in China the plan failed.

In the next photo you can see how the project looked at the start and in the other photo you will see how it looked in the year 2010 when there were some efforts to be rebuild.

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In the photo now you will see the project how it looked in the year 2010 when architects were trying to rebuild it. I think that large parks like this should be revived again no matter what.

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