Why Leak Repairs are Very Important for Your Home?

Why Leak Repairs are Very Important for Your Home?

October 30, 2018 Off By Natalie Atkinson

Water is very essential for any household. Without proper water supply, one cannot get any work done. Water is hence very essential. People often complain about plumbing problems in their kitchen and bathrooms. The most common plumbing problems faced by most household include clogged drains, leaking taps, dripping faucets, blocked kitchen sink, leaky toilets and reduced water pressure, low water flow and leaking pipes. Any disturbance in the distribution of the water flow leads to severe plumbing issues. Thus, leak repairs are very important.

Leaking Pipes Are A Constant Source Of Problem For Your Household:

Leaking pipes can be very annoying causing water waste, damage of floor carpets, furniture and even accidents. The irritating pipe leakage can cause a dent to home decor. Damp floor owing to water leakage can cause serious accidents or even the formation of mould which in turn are very expensive to get rid of. The best way of preventing potential damage is leak repair and to fix pipe leakage on time. Fixing of pipe
leakage, dripping faucets can save up to 10% of the water bills. It is true that if water keeps on dripping from the taps and water channels all around, in no time your water reservoir will get depleted. In any case, many people also make the mistake of using the DIY techniques for repairing the leaks and in the end they get nothing but broken pipelines again. So it is always important to hire hardcore professionals.

Why to Bother About Leaking Pipes?

In several cities, one has to pay separately for the water consumption. In such cases, leaking pipes can be very expensive and a complete loss of money apart from being problematic for the people. Leaking pipes can lead to reduction in water pressure and if left unattended can cause complete lack of water supply in the taps.

Steps to Detect Leaking Pipes

The first sign of a possible leak in the pipes is a noticeable reduction in the water pressure in the taps. One can also come across an indoor leak in the pipe leading to the tap. The sound of dripping water coming from the pipeline is another common way of knowing that you have a leaking pipe.

Some Steps to Detect Leaking Pipes Are:

  1.  Checking the pressure relieve valve in the hot water tank
  2. Removing the top of the toilet tank and listen for leaks
  3. Checking the meter line running along the house
  4. Check all taps and shower heads for leaks

Leak Repair:

It is always better to hire a plumber for leak repair. However, you can do a bit of fixing before the plumber arrives to reduce the loss of water due to the leak at least temporarily. Wrapping the tap or pipe or the leaky faucet with sealant or water proof plumbing tape can reduce the dripping water a little.

A leak repair can be done in three ways. These include,

  • Removing the leaky pipe and replacing with new pipe
  • Installing shut off valves in the existing pipe
  • Creating a joint in the pipe

Temporary fixes do not provide permanent relief from leaking pipes. Development of hole on the pipe implies that a major section of the pipe is damaged. Professional assistance of the plumber must be taken to replace the pipe all together which is an economical solution. You can now cal in registered leak repair services so that they can come on a 24 hour emergency basis and help you out to keep your taps, faucets and the sewage lines all in proper condition.