Why Hire Israel Tour Guides

Why Hire Israel Tour Guides

April 28, 2016 Off By David Bankston

There are a lot of travelers who think that they do not need to hire Israel tour guides. They think that it will save them money and time not to get one. The truth is that there are many benefits in getting a tour guide for you trip to Israel.

Ten reasons to hire Israel Tour Guides


  • The first benefit of Israel tour guides is that they can make a planned itinerary for you based on your interests and your time available.
  • Your tour guide makes your trip easy flowing by taking care of your necessities like transportation, food, lodging and the sites you want to visit.
  • Tour guides will usually let you in on other sites that are not found on any guide books or magazines.
  • Your tour guide may be able to bring to your attention some details regarding people’s culture.
  • Israel tour guides can and will give you in-depth information about the places that you are visiting.
  • Your tour guide will be able to provide all of the anecdotes related to all of the religious, historical and natural sites that Israel has to offer.
  • Having a tour guide by your side allows you to spend time sightseeing more than you asked for.
  • All of the tour guides in Israel go through a two year education and are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • A tour guide has the latest information about the sites on your itinerary.
  • If you happen to have questions about the sites in your itinerary, your guide is surely equipped with the right answers about it.

Is it okay to just simply map out an itinerary based on what you see on the internet?
The hard truth is that it is not.  The one big concern about this is that the information offered on the internet might not be the updated one. Then of course gathering information about a good number of places will certainly take a whole lot of time. There will be some instances where you will be able to get information on the internet only to find out at the actual place that the information you gathered does not stand any more.
Just think about the inconvenience that would cost you and the disappointment it brings. So just to be on the safe side of things, it is best that you take an Israel tour guides for your next trip in the Holy Land.
The good thing is that Israel tour guides can be hired for the whole trip or just for certain parts of it.  But whatever the case is, you can never go wrong in hiring a tour guide especially the ones provided by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.
You can give them a call and ask them about where to get the most inexpensive lodging in certain cities. Information about bus and train fares will be readily given by the tour guides. Aside from this, you can also get suggestions regarding the littlest details.

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