Why He Doesn’t Call and Text for Days!?

Why He Doesn’t Call and Text for Days!?

June 23, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

When he doesn’t call for days and even doesn’t text, you probably feel nervous and star being obsessed with this. Too many questions are circling there in your head:

Does he have another love?

Did he forgot you?

Did you upset him about something?

Does he has a plan to break up with you?

STOP bothering your head with questions like this and stay with us to find out for what reasons man doesn’t call to their girlfriends.

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He is busy

Maybe he is too busy with his work and can’t call you right now. This doesn’t mean that he lost his interest for you but simply have no time for you.

He waits for you to do the first step

Maybe he waits to see if you will call him or text. He is making a test to see if he is important for you. So , once when you call him, he wall call you too.

He doesn’t take his phone with him everywhere like you do

Maybe he isn’t like you to wear the phone in the bathroom. He will do the call and call you next after he is taking a shower. If you can’t wait for him to text or call, do the first step and leave a message.

He is playing games

Man is playing games as a child does, so if he forgot to call you and text you maybe his game is the reason. Maybe he won’t want to interrupt his game to call you.

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He is just not that into you

And maybe, for this reason, I will disappoint you. the next reason says that maybe you are nothing to him and he isn’t interested to hear from you and text you.

To sum up, my advice for you is to wait some days and if he doesn’t call you, to try to call him and together decide either to continue the relationship or to break up here.

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