While People Stay Home, Animals are Invading Cities in Italy

While People Stay Home, Animals are Invading Cities in Italy

March 19, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Somewhere there in Venice, in Italy… Where channels can rarely be seen empty without people and canoes, now they are. Where streets were filled with tourists, coming to see the beauty of Italy cities, now they are empty. There aren’t people there because all the people stay home during the coronavirus quarantine. Tourists are forbidden to come here until the virus disappear and Italians are forced to stay home and go out only for food and medicines. This situation was used by many animals to come back and invading the cities there in Italy. So our topic sounds like this: While people stay home, animals are invading cities in Italy. Read more on this, hereinafter.

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Now when people stay at home, water on the Venice coast is so clear and for this reason, came dolphins and swan. These animals were hiding somewhere ( probably from people). As we can see there is an effect of pandemic and we people are responsible for our planet earth.

The fish are visible, so the dolphins and swans are returned also. Ducks too were seen enjoying a day out at Rome’s fountains.

  • Italians are writing on social media.
animals are invading cities
Photo via www.shelterness.com

Nature’s back it’s best in Italy, while they are fighting with Covid 19 named coronavirus. On the streets there can be seen wild boars with their families, walking calmly. So amazing, have a look at it!!!

animals are invading cities
Photo via www.newsable.asianetnews.com

Never in the last 60 years, water was crystal clear I Venice channels which were an invitation for fish there. The Facebook user wrote and uploaded this photo so we have the chance to see the beauty now.

Photo via www.newsable.asianetnews.com

Even a random horse appears. – was written on social media by Italians.

animals in the streets in Italy
Photo via www.boredpanda.com

I think that we humans, we have all learned the lesson and this virus can already stop destroying us. I saw many photos on the net these days. Cages filled with people and animals walking on the streets giving us the lesson that now in this period, people are those that must stay home at cages and animals are free. After going out on the street again and getting from the,, cages,, we shouldn’t hurt animals but should leave them to live freely and happily!

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