Wardrobes in Combination With Mirrors

Wardrobes in Combination With Mirrors

August 8, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends, I’m back again and hope you are still here expecting our new posts 🙂 This time we will talk about wardrobes in combination with mirrors that are space-saving, looks modern and in the same time functional.

It’s great when you have a large wardrobe in bedroom place and organizing all the clothes you have at home. But is even greater when you have a mirror on the wardrobe and seeing how the dress looks when you are dressing up instead of moving into another room. To have a mirror in the entrance hall and wardrobe in the bedroom means that you will make such a mess at home.

But if you decide to have a mirrored wardrobe, the great thing is that saves you time and space in the room and you can kill two birds with one stone. It’s enough for writing and now we will show you the designs and hope you will bring up the best and suitable decision.

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Modern white wardrobe design in combination with a mirror

In the very first photo and idea, we have an absolutely great design which we can also have in our home place. What do you think, will you add this in your bedroom and saving space? Check the photo before you answer the question we gave you!

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Dark brown wardrobe with a mirror on it

In the second photo, we can see also the great design of wardrobe and large mirror and the design is great. The other thing which differs this wardrobe from the previous one is the color which is dark brown. So spend some time now and see the design.

wardrobe mirror
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Mirrored wardrobe for the third idea from this post

In the third and the last photo from this post, you will see that actually the full exterior of the wardrobe is made our by the mirror and it looks so nice. every girl will love that kind of wardrobe and you can keep the design as part of the home. Take a look in the photo now and we will finish this post here, so hopefully you already found an idea for your bedroom.

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At the end of the post like always we are so thankful for your attention and hope you will spend some time scrolling on our page. Also, follow this link that will help you read about the last post we shared and was about modern bunk beds that are aimed for people with large families! Thanks and bye, have nice rest of the day!