Vaping: A Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Vaping: A Healthier Alternative to Smoking

February 25, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

Chances are you have already heard the term vaping in some news article, debates on the television, or some other place. It is one of the emerging trends and has the potential of helping people get over the addiction to cigarette smoking. Studies are being conducted on the benefits and the drawbacks of vaping. While the benefits are quite evident, there are no significant health concerns that can be linked to vaping as of now.

The ingredients that make the eJuices are natural or naturally derived, such as water, propylene glycol or glycerin that is extracted from the vegetable oils, and food flavoring. These ingredients are also used in making other food products as well as medicines, and therefore, have been much researched about and hardly any health concerns are associated with them. The only addiction forming elements in vaping is the nicotine content of the vape juice. However, this content depends on the preference of the vaper. They can choose the vape juices with no nicotine content or high doses of nicotine content which is similar to the nicotine levels found in cigarettes and other tobacco products.

What Makes Vaping Popular Among the Masses?

Let us look at a few of the benefits of vaping:

   • Vaping does not produce toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide, arsenic, ammonia, lead, cyanide, and other chemicals which are produced while smoking;

   • It is not associated with any long-term health risks, unlike cigarettes which are associated with cancer in the lungs and mouth, and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases;

   • Vapers have the choice to choose vaping juices with no or minimal amount of nicotine which is not addictive;

   • It is used to replace the habit of smoking cigarettes by providing a healthy alternative;

   • The vapors produced while vaping are not harmful to the vaper as well as for anyone near them;

   • Vaping is much cheaper than smoking cigarettes as you merely need to purchase a good quality vaping device once and vape juices twice or thrice a month at the most;

   • Other than not producing harmful gases and chemicals, it also does not leave residues such as assets or cigarette butts;

   • Vaping does not create odor or smoke which makes it convenient to use in public without troubling anyone;

   • Owing to the low levels of nicotine, it is not habit forming and can be stopped at any time.

There are several other benefits of vaping as well.

Trying New Flavors

Other than the significant harmlessness of vaping as compared to smoking, the Unique Selling Point, or USP of this trend is that it can be a way to experiment with the taste preferences of the individuals. The eJuices are provided in a plethora of flavors ranging from simple, well-known flavors to the complicated blends of exotic and interesting flavors. One of the leading brands of eJuices is the Pacha Mama Juice, which creates a blend of exotic fruits from around the world to intrigue your taste buds. Here is the description of a couple of juices from this range:

   • Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mango Pitaya PineapplePacha Mama Juice: This exquisite vape juice is created by blending the simple and exotic flavors of pineapples, mangoes, and pitaya. These flavors come together as a tropical blast to remind you of warm sunny days on the beach.

   • Charlie’s Chalk Dust Fuji Apple Strawberry NectarinePacha Mama Juice: This vape juice is a whole experience in itself where it provides you with the different flavors while you inhale and exhale, starting with the Fuji apple, which is followed by the strawberry and then the nectarine.

In Conclusion

There are many tutorials and Do-It-Yourself methods online for creating your flavor of eJuices. However, this is an unsafe method, and you should avoid doing any such thing. Several fruits or flavors are safe to consume but can be harmful while inhaling as it may contain certain chemicals or oil in them. By creating your DIY flavor, you are unnecessarily putting yourself at a health risk. The eJuice producers spend a lot of resources for the Research and Development process for manufacturing the flavors. This is why you should stick to certified eJuices such as the Pachamama ejuice range which are proven to be safe for inhaling.