Unexpected Guests Are coming? Clean the House in 5 Minutes!

Unexpected Guests Are coming? Clean the House in 5 Minutes!

February 3, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

How many times happen to receive unexpected guests at home? To me this happens very often, guests call that they are coming and you have no much time to clean the house. But, you have ONLY 5 minutes. From where to start, which room to clean first. Oh. it’s such a mess at home! No, no, stop it! Don’t panic! You can clean the house in 5 minutes if you follow our 20 tips in the following! Get ready for your unexpected guests!

clean the house in 5 minutes
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Grab a cloth and wipe down a living room door.

the very first thing to do is to wipe down the door in your living room. This is the room where you will receive the guests so this door is of the highest importance.

Polish one or more of your appliances.

Number two you have to do is to polish your appliances. Do this quickly because you don’t have so much time for this.

Wipe down your countertops. 

Have you noticed that people that enter in the house usually keep an eye on your kitchen? So the next thing to clean is your kitchen countertop.

Wipe one shelf of your fridge.

Well, maybe no one will see what’s in your fridge, but quickly wipe one shelf inside, if you plan to open it.

Wipe down your TV

Clean TV menas you have a clean home and pay attention to clean it every day.

Do the bed in the bedroom

The very next step to do is to do the bed in bedrom.

Sweep just the floor of the living room.

You don’t have time to sweep all rooms but pay attention just to the living room, as I said before in the post.

Vacuum just one room or part of the room.

You have only 2 minutes to do the vacuum!

Dust the floor in the living room.

Take the jogger in your hand and clean the floor in the living room.

Wipe down just door handle.

The door handles are also important to be clean.

Wipe down just one window. ( the most visible window)

Wipe down a small section of the baseboard. Fold or hang a few items of laundry.

Switch one load of laundry.

Turn on the washing machine so forget about the dirty clothes in your toilet.

Throw away the junk mail.

You still have time to throw junk.

Clean the bathroom mirror. 

Scrub the toilet bowl and clean the bathroom mirror.

Wipe the toilet lid.

the next thing to do is to wipe to toilet lid.

Wipe the toilet base.

Once when you are in the bathroom, wipe the toilet base.

Wipe the glass door of your shower.

Every guest is curious and wants to enter your shower so don’t forget to clean the shower doo in quickly way.

Grab a cloth and spot mop. 

Spot mop if you have time for this if not go to the last step.

Organize kid books on the shelves in the living room.

Arrange quickly the books on the shelves in the living room. With this, clean the house in 5 minutes have finished. Sit on the couch and wait for your guests and next time tell them to call on time!

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