True Facts About Subconscious Mind

True Facts About Subconscious Mind

May 20, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Have you ever think about the VOICE inside of you that sometimes talks with you, tells you what to do and what don’t do? When you stand in front of the mirror and tells you if you are slim or fat? When you sleep and talk in your dreams? Well, the dilemma is solved, this is the subconscious mind that has no verbal language but it’s a million times powerful than the conscious mind.

This mind is a COMPOSITE of what we hear, see and smell and controls our life for even about 95%. It’s a composite of our dreams, emotions, feelings, desires, thoughts…Read some additional interesting facts about the subconscious mind in this found that might surprise you.

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Subconscious mind it’s million times powerful than the conscious mind

Emotions, receptive, religion, symbolism, all this we can find in the subconscious mind. Otherwise, the conscious mind makes a calculation, science, learn, and do complexity.

It speaks to you in your dreams

This mind records every situation but is locked in the stories and is shown in the time when it’s needed. Also, your dreams are recorded here. You know when sometimes wake up, you dreamed something but can’t remember what? After two days you remembered because the subconscious mind reveals and unlock for you. It’s very interesting!

It records everything

Don’t be surprised if you remember something that happened even 10 years before. Your mind records everything to details, but of course, we are all different so we all can’t remember everything.

It has no verbal language to get touch with you or someone else

This fact surprised me a little. When we say that this mind is so powerful but has no verbal language, how can touch to us and control our life. The other question I have in my head is that what will happen if it has a language?

It controls 95 % of our life

This mind is a composite of everything we hear, see, smell and lead us in life while controlling us and telling us what to do in life. This is what we say that it controls our life for even about 95%/

The subconscious mind can do trillion things at once

After reading all the power that this mind has, it’s not surprising that can do trillion things at once. This is like cassette recorder :))))))

This research was very interesting for me and I promise you that I will write another post about this theme and share with you. Thanks a lot for your time. Keep following