Tree Stumps Reuse for Christmas Decor

Tree Stumps Reuse for Christmas Decor

December 15, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your home for Christmas time, you can see these tree stumps reuse and to make it at home. We will show you how to make a snowman by using wooden stumps, logs and slices and also how to make a reindeer and front door wreath by using the same material. Draw inspiration from the photos below and make the best Christmas ornaments that will beautify your HOME.

Be a creative person and boost your imagination with our helpful and creative ideas!

Do it yourself cute reindeer of tree stumps reuse

Are you wondering how to make a Christmas reindeer Rudolph just by using firewood logs? Well, follow the link below this photo and find out how to completely use your FREE TIME.

Make a snowman of wooden logs

The second idea of this post is about how to make two lovely snowmen that will beautify the front part of your house. For making this craft, you will need wood slices and some old textile material that you don’t need any more. Pay attention to this photo and of course, try to make it at home.

Reuse wood for making the best snowman

If we don’t even try to make some crafts at home how do we know if we can really make it or not that craft? That’s why we always need to try to make some crafts and to boost our imagination and motivation.

Cute reindeer that you can make it by yourself

Here you have another idea about making a reindeer of using wood. After making this craft, place it indoor or outdoor, wherever you wish to and be happy with something that is made by yourself.

Use birch log for making the best Christmas decorative elements

Birch is great material for making Christmas crafts, it’s easy for making different shapes and to decorate your home in a way that is affordable for you. Pay attention to this photo and draw inspiration from.

Christmas decor for windows

Don’t forget to make some decorative element to beautify the windows of your house place. For example, you can make something like this in the photo. Easy made but good looking!

Christmas decoration crafts made of wooden logs

You don’t need real candles when you can make decorative candles by using wood material. Look at this amazing candles that you can place it in the focus of your living room.

Christmas logs

Photo via

Make Christmas wreath of wooden logs and wooden slices

This is the most creative decor that will help you in creating an inviting front door design. Use wood slices for making this Christmas wreath and enjoy in the decoration. This is the last idea of this post, our team wishes you MERRY CHRISTMAS and we hope that you will keep following our website in the next year, 2019!