You Must Check The 10 Top Movies at All Time

You Must Check The 10 Top Movies at All Time

August 20, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

One of the favourite things is watching TV with friends and eating popcorns. What’s your favourite by the list of the top movies? In the following text, we will list 10 of the best top movies at all times. You must check out and to share with your friends!

1. “Tokyo Story”

In this amazing top movie, a display is displayed for older parents who visit their children who have not seen them for a few years. But, as the years went by, their children became adults and were not happy at all because of their parents’ visits. This is a movie with which you can judge who works really bad in life.


2. “A Space Odyssey”

The mission of the all-new aeroplane “Discovery One” has the task of investigating the nearby regions of the galaxy to understand why the aliens oversee the Earth. This journey definitely leads the team to many unexpected discoveries. The script written by the legendary Stanley Kubrick was inspired by the short story of Artur Klark – “The Sentinel”.


3. “Citizen Kane”

A movie for the American son, how to fulfil it and what it brings. Kane, the man obsessed with power and money, at the end will end up completely destroyed completely from his obsessions.

4. 8½

Guido, the main hero in the movie, is a filmmaker who is preparing to make a movie for the survival of humankind after a nuclear disaster. The scenery is set, the actors and scenarists are ready to work, but Guido is stuck in a creative shadow, does not know how to start and where to find inspiration. This wonderful, surreal work by the Italian genius Federico Fellini is indebted to all creative people.

5. “Taxi Driver”

Trevis Bikel is a military veteran who works as a taxi driver in a night shift. Looking at each evening’s ghetto and the wicked side of the city, it decides to put an end to it. His son is to cleanse the city from a set of uncleanness. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this movie is truly spectacular, provocative and provocative.

6. “Apocalypse Now”

“Apocalypse Now”, the masterpiece of Francis Ford Coppola is probably the most powerful and the most horrible military movie ever made. The movie reveals the surreal horrors of the war and is very lucrative and poetic from any other film of this genre. This is one of those displays that will change your look to the world and history.

7. “The Godfather”

There is no man on a planet that did not listen to the most vulnerable American family, the Corleone clan. According to many, this crime drama is on the list for top movies. It can be freely dictated “by a modern bible.

8. “Vertigo”

The movie “Vertigo” on Alfred Hitchcock has long been regarded as a fundamental film for self-recognition and understanding of differences between illusion and reality. This is a movie for the unrequited love and the ideal for the beauty, which the main hero wants to make a reality.


9. “The Seventh Seal”

In the 14th century, 10 years after the Crusading War, the knight Antonius Blok and his assistant returned to the throne-Sweden. The block is tired of life and does not look to live. But before he dies to be sure that the Lord exists.

10. “The Bicycle Thief” – The last on our list of top movies

One of the top movies that describes the tragedy of one little man in the vast world. The bike of the main character was stolen, and since he can not work without it, he is in the pursuit.

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