Tired of Large Pores? Here’s How to Make them Smaller

Tired of Large Pores? Here’s How to Make them Smaller

August 19, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

We all crave for that smooth, porcelain-like skin to appear as models do. However, at most times, the small openings or pores on our face refuse to oblige and we keep wondering how to shrink them to get that flawless look. If you are in the same boat then you probably want smaller pores to make your makeup applications look perfect. Or, you simply want to enjoy youthful smoother-looking skin. Having an even skin, with small-sized pores to boast of, is a dream that can be fulfilled. 

Before understanding how to make your pores look smaller, do know that these openings are your best friend rather than an enemy. They help the top surface of your skin, and the layers within, to breathe freely. Additionally, as the size of your pores is determined by your DNA structuring, you’ll not find any permanent answer to minimizing your pores physically. Here are some effective solutions to stop your worries about having large pores. These tips for shrinking the appearance of your pores have been vouched for by expert dermatologists, aestheticians, and makeup artists. 

1. Clean your face regularly

It’s a given that you can attain shrunken pores by getting onto a carefully-planned skincare routine. Keep dirt and allergens off your face by cleaning the skin regularly. Dust particles, sweat, and pollutants can get inside your pores to block them, thereby making them look larger than what they really are. Therefore, it’s essential that you clean your face regularly, especially before you go to bed, with a gentle face cleanser. 

This will help in removing all traces of grease and dirt that may have entered your pores across the day or since you last washed your face. Dr. Bill Andrews from Siorai.com says that keeping your hands off of your face is one of the best ways to keep your pores small. A facial cleansing brush is a helpful tool for removing even the smallest speck of oil, makeup, or grime that could have entered your pores. You may want to use a light or heavy cleaning brush depending on the amount of makeup you use, the extent of pollution your skin is exposed to, and how frequently you clean your face. The thumb rule is not to touch your open pores with your fingers. 

2.  Exfoliation is a Must

Just as cleaning your face regularly is important, you have to remember to exfoliate your face at least twice weekly to get rid of dead skin cells. Skin cells die their natural death and settle in your pores to make your skin look listless and dull. Proper exfoliation can make your skin glow and look radiant and youthful. This skincare process tightens up the open pores on your face to make them appear smaller. Use your cleaning brush or recommended facial scrubs to exfoliate your skin. You may also opt for natural formulas or chemical-based products that encourage cell regeneration. For instance, the application of topical retinoid, or Retin-A, increases cell turnover, thereby exfoliating your pores and enabling them to appear smaller. 

3. Your Skin Needs a Gentle Touch

Exfoliating your skin regularly is important but remember to use gentle moves only. Treating your skin in a rough manner can damage these cells beyond repair. In case you fail to be gentle, the pores will expand further and leave ugly scars or tell-tale marks on your face. Aggressive skin picking, cleansing, or exfoliating can lead to bad damages that may require years to heal. So, be careful. 

4. Moisturize Daily, Twice if Possible

Enlarged pores are just one of the many problems that can come your way if you fail to moisturize your skin regularly. Try to use noncomedogenic, high-quality moisturizing products at least twice daily. In case you leave your skin dry and flaked, it will respond adversely by releasing excessive quantities of oil to close your pores even further. Moisturizing regularly can smoothen out your skin and make the same pores look smaller than what they really are. You may want to consult your skin specialist to understand the right ways of applying a moisturizer to get the best results. 

Take Care of your Pores

Last but certainly not the least, make SPF an important and regular part of your skincare regimen. With proper skin care and nourishment, you can look forward to getting smaller-looking pores devoid of dirt and grime. Gear up to look flawless and radiant, right away!

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