Tips on Choosing the Right Parquet

Tips on Choosing the Right Parquet

April 20, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

We can describe parquet as a timeless floor that suits any style at home interiors and it’s an easy choice for every owner. In the following, we will keep on the tips on choosing the right parquet without making any mistake. Stay with us and learn how to avoid mistakes when it comes to word your home floor.

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Choosing the right parquet – solid or laminated? What’s the better option for you?

All you need to know about these two types of parquet is that solid can be renovated several times, as for the laminated parquet it offers better stability. Solid parquets are containing just one layer while the laminated contains even 3 layers. The top surface can be done of oak, walnut, cherry and this can be your choice.

The parquet will have long service use if the wear layer is thicker. About the price, the solid parquet is more expensive than laminated.

What shade/color to choose?

The shade isn’t so important as the quality of the parquet is. Gray, white tones, stained, thermo-heated, painted, patinated, deformed, worn. This is the list of the colors and styles you can choose. Everything depends on your house style and how you already have designed the rest of the house.

Oiled parquet or varnished?

The difference is that the oiled parquet gives the natural look of the wood and helps to age with years. Otherwise, varnished floors are more resistant of stains and no one will notice that there is a stain on the floor.

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Should you choose the same parquet for all rooms of the house?

Well, once when you make the best choice, choose the same parquet for all rooms of the house. For the entryway, choose tiles or again choose the same style.

Now you know how to make the difference between parquet and which is a better option to choose for your home flooring. Make the best choice.