Tips For Self Healing

Tips For Self Healing

November 26, 2018 Off By Helen Olsson

There are a number of energy therapy techniques that can be used for self healing and emotional freedom technique is one such technique that can be used at home. Once you learn the healing therapy, you will understand the importance of self healing and will not be able to imagine living your life without the same.

Emotional freedom technique is a simple healing technique which taps on the body points and the face while integrating specific words about negative events and emotions in the process. It helps balance the energy inside the body and in a relationship which has caused an emotional issue to you. You might not need professional training to learn about this technique because it is very simple and straightforward. Even if you do not do it perfectly, you will notice strong changes in your body and mind.


Tips for using ETF at home

The first rule

In case you are suffering from a physical symptom, you need to start with focusing on the emotion which is associated with the same. Now, if you have an emotional symptom, you need to focus on the physical sensation that is engaged with it and if you are nervous, you need to focus on the physical sensation that is associated with the nervousness.

Focus on the problem

The idea behind self healing is to identify the feeling or the issue that you are attempting to resolve. You need to use words that can keep you connected with the same feeling that you are trying to tap. Do not use wrong words while you are trying to address the issue. Paida Lajin offers a number of tips and techniques for self healing.

Do not focus on the affirmations

If you want to remove an issue, you will have to balance the energy inside your body in order to get away with the negative feelings. Do not focus on the positives too soon in the process. First of all, focus on the negative and then do a round of positive statements.

Pick metaphors related to the issue

You need to think of what the issue reminds you of and then work on it. Your body will give you symptoms and you will have to identify those in order to see the changes in the process. Paida Lajin Institute will give you a number of lessons to self heal and to overcome physical as well as emotional issues you may face.

Never give up

Last but not the least, even if the process takes a lot of time, don’t give up. You will not notice a shift immediately in your body, it will take time to show results. Do not make an immediate decision that ETF does not work because it does and it will give you amazing results in the long term.

The idea behind the whole technique is to mobilize the energy that is stuck in your body and you need to have a clear mind before you begin.