These Bad Habits Are Destroying Woman’s Beauty

These Bad Habits Are Destroying Woman’s Beauty

July 26, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Good morning friends. Some of our bad habits are destroying our beauty and health, as a woman and consciously or unconsciously we are doing them every day. Stop doing this and keep your beauty and health either! Stay with us in this post and find out which are the bad habits you should quit off!

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Wearing nail polish all the time

How many times happened to you to wear nail polish even if the nail is destroyed on half of the nail. Stop doing this! Protect your nails and try wear less polish.

Using a towel to dry your face

This isn’t a good idea and we almost all repeat this every day. We should stop drying our face with towel because this is bad for our skin.

Sleeping with our underwire bra on

This is the most painful experience that I think still some women do. To sleep with underwire bra on means to wake up with pain in breast and this is one of the bad habits to forget.

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Bad habits, Leaving your razors in the shower

You aren’t aware how many bacteries are flying in the air in your bathroom place. But you still leave your razors in the shower and with this you are destroying your skin.

Sitting with crossed legs

You sit with crossed legs every day, read a book or scroll on your phone and this is really bad for your legs! Do you know this? Science says that it’s damaging to the healthy blood circulation in your legs when you sit like this.

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Having your hair in a bun while sleep

If you want to wake up with a headache you can wear your hair in a bun and sleep. But if you want to try some good habits, you should forget this. This type of sleeping weakens your hair so the best thing to do is to leave your hair freely while sleeping.

Brushing your hair when it’s still wet

The next bad habit you have and still practice every day is brushing your hair when the hair is still wet. Stop doing this if you want to stop hair loss. Just wait some time for your hair to be dry and now you can brush it! Patience above all!

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If you found yourself doing some of these things every day, stop doing it! Keep your beauty and health with good habits, some topic that we will argue in our next post! Follow us for more!