These are Simple House/Apartment Plans

These are Simple House/Apartment Plans

July 14, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

When you have smart house/apartment plans you have the best organization of the rooms in the house. We offer you the chance to check the best plans and organization of your rooms. Just stay with us and check the following PLANS!

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One bedroom house plans

For a young family, couples with one or two children, this plan is quite enough,. As you can see, there is a kitchen with an open dining room and kitchen island, Living room, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, and one bathroom.

house/apartment plans
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Three bedroom house/apartment plans

What you can see in the photo is a plan with even 3 bedrooms. There is one kitchen. One balcony, one dining room, one entryway, three bedrooms, and one bathroom. All this is just one house!

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Two bedroom house/apartment plans

In the next photo, we can see plan in 3D with even 2 bedrooms. There is a modern living room, kitchen, dining room, two-bedroom, bathroom, balcony, entryway. Take a look at the photo now!

2 bedroom
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This is lovely plan!

We are to our amazing plan of the future home and place of living. This plan is more for an apartment, I think. There is two bedrooms, one living room, one large balcony or might be two, one living room, one office room or kids room, and one bathroom. Take a look at the idea now.

3D plans
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3 Bedroom plans

In the last photo we have again 3 bedroom, three bathroom, balconies, place for two terrace and yard. This is what you can copy at your home place!

3D home

I hope that we helped you with a while with our ideas and plans we hared previously. This is the end of the post now so thanks for your time!