These are Depression Signs and Symptoms

These are Depression Signs and Symptoms

June 21, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Many young women get depression after giving birth to a baby, some of them fell when they lose their parents, husbands, and some other close people in life. The man also suffers from depression. When you know about depression signs, it will be easy for you to manage it. Some of us that face with depression have no idea that suffers from this condition, so check now the signs and symptoms. Remember, everything is just in your HEAD.

However, we aren’t a doctor and this is just a research I found on net. If you think that you have some problems similar to this, just call your doctor and ask for help.

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depression signs

Depression signs

These are the signs that tells maybe you have depression.

Persistent sad mood

You know that period when you feel sad and just sad, have no other feeling. Well, unfortunately, this might be some kind of depression sign. It isn’t always the rule, but if you also have the next signs, it’s better to visit a doctor.

Pessimism and feeling hopeless

Feeling hopeless and being pessimist for every problem might bring your problems in life and take you to depression.

Feeling helplessly and quilty without any reason

Feeling like no one can help you even if your problem isn’t so big as you think. But it’s all in your head.

Loss of interest for work and hobby

Person that suffer from depression have no interest for work and any other activity that was favorite before.

Difficulty to bring decision

Depression might lead you to can’t bring the decision for something important level in life, so watch out.


Staying awake per night even if you worked all day, might be one of the depression signs. Also, standing up early in the morning might be the other sign of depression, but it isn’t always a rule.

Thoughts of death

Thoughts of suicide and death are one of the usual signs that attack people with depression. These thoughts might bring the person to put an end of his life and end up in a way that no one wishes. This decision won’t solve the problems in life, so no one should bring a decision like this.

My advice for you is if you suffer from depression, to call a doctor, to take pill and try to release some of these symptoms and signs.