The Symptoms of Covid-19, Coronavirus

The Symptoms of Covid-19, Coronavirus

February 26, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Hi friends. All the world is facing a dangerous virus. It’s Covid 19 or as we all know as Coronavirus. Read more about it in the post below.

Where and when started the covid 19 coronavirus?

This disease, coronavirus firstly started in Wuhan, in China in December, 209. The place where the virus started is in a market where people were consuming wild animals. Now, the virus is spreading around the world and many lives are lost now. After China, second on the list is South Korea and a third of the list is Italy.

The last information from Italy is saying that here 12 cities are closed and are now a city with ghosts. Until now, 12 people died and 320 new cases. People are afraid of their life and Italy is in panic and becomes the world’s epicenter of coronavirus.

The first case we have also on the Balcan States, in Croatia. in Slovenia, borders are closed because of 11 people suspecting that they are affected.

What’s situation now in China?

On the other hand, in China, the number of infected people is decreasing and they beleive that the virus will disappear. Many victims died, including doctors. Ministry of health in every country advises people to not panic because this disease can be cured if the symptoms are seen on time and if our immune system is stable. Authorities here permitted eating wildlife but now it is too late for this, because the virus is already spreading in North of the alps and in South Corea.

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Which are the symptoms and how many days needed to be shown when a person is infected?

The virus is spread from one person to another, so be careful. Now check the symptoms of Covid 19 coronavirus.

The symptoms are:

  • pneumonia
  • coughs, fever
  • breathing difficulties ( shortness of bread)

The symptoms of COVID-19 or say it coronavirus if you want may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure. 

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Tomorrow, we are expecting snow that will kill this virus and all bacteries that are in the air and we are breathing every day, without knowing that this is damaging our health.

This will be the end of the post, I hope that tomorrow our post will be more cheerful than today.