The Reason for Feeling Unhappy Are Some of the Things in Your Home

The Reason for Feeling Unhappy Are Some of the Things in Your Home

March 11, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

We all gather memories and souvenirs from places where we travel. All this with the aim to bring happiness in our home, to have good luck and be positive people. Putting these souvenirs on the side, we also keep those things we don’t like and make us unhappy. This can be the reason that makes us sad, feeling unhappy, so read this post and find out if you have these things in your home. Throw it away!!!

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Many times you realize that you have everyhting in life. Childen, lovely partner, family, good job, money, but still something is missing and suddenly you feel sad. What destroys your luckiness? Is here some black magic? Well, actually, there are some things that you keep at home and have no idea that when seeing them it makes you sad, resulting in feeling unhappy. We made a list of the things now, so have a look in it:

Paper clutter

When you see paper clutter at home, this reminds you to mess and it would be a better idea to throw it away. Throw away all newspapers at home and enjoy in a tidy house.

Broken things

Broken plates, mirrors, frames, and many other things at home make you feel unhappy. not just to feel like this, but also brings you bad luck in the future. Do you know that if your broke mirror, it will follow you bad luck for 7 years?

Sad faces

We have some toys with sad faces so when we see it, we also feel the same. Throw it away and buy teddy bears with happy faces.

Unused items are the reason for feeling unhappy

Unused items make you feel useless, you bought it but you haven’t used it until now.

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Children’s toys

Children’s toys around mean mess for many parents so most of them aren’t happy when they see it on the floor or everywhere. Especially, they aren’t happy when they step on the floor and this hurts so much!!! :)))

Unused gifts

Many times, we receive gifts that we don’t like so we put them on aside and never use it. But, when we see it, we feel bad and unlucky. I think that we shouldn’t throw these things, but we should give as a present to someone else.

Thanks a lot for your time. Maybe you will wish to read the last post we shared that was ABOUT which things you can ut into the washing machine and wash it. Bye!