The Best Movies to Watch This Year, 2018

The Best Movies to Watch This Year, 2018

September 18, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

While we are in the midway of this year, 2018 is better to hurry up and to watch the best movies that were honoured this year. Recently, I’ve written about the top movies of all time, if you missed check this link and see what’s about. Make sure that you watched all the best movies of 2018 until the start of the new year, 2019.

Our top list of the best movies to watch this year, 2018 looks like THIS:

1.Black Panther

This is an American superhero movie with scenes of violence and superhumans, based on Marvel comics which is the producer of the same movie and Ryan Coogler is the director. The story starts in 1993 when one black kid has drifted away in the sky while he was playing a computer game. Next, we find out that those lights lead him to the African country of Wakanda, the setting of “Black Panther.”

2. November

Farmgirl named Lina is the main character of this horror movie which action is happening in the village in a Medieval Estonian. I will describe you in short: people living in the village are trying to survive the winter but this girl is obsessed with the love of one man. Watch full movie and find out what happens to the end, I won’t tell you!

3. Revenge

This is an action horror movie where the main character is an Italian model named, Matilda Lutz in this movie we see it as Jenifer. Is an interesting story with a love affair and revenge.criminalMatilda Anna Ingrid Lutz

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4. Let the SUN shine in

This movie is directed by Claire Denis and is a French comedy-drama romance. The main character is Juliette Binoche that gives all of herself to act like a divorced woman looking for another love in life. Watch this movie!

let the sun shine in

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5. Mission impossible – Fallout

In this movie, the main character is Tom Cruise who risks his own life just to make amazing scenes and to connect with the character he plays. Mission impossible fallout is an action movie that explains that some missions are not the choice. You simply need to pass through it.

mission impossible

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6. Paddington 2

This is a children’s movie that every family should watch it for the weekend afternoon. Is about one Peruvian bear who get lost alone in Paddington. This is the second part of the movie, while the first part was written in 2014.

7. Eight grade

This is an interesting movie for teenagers. The thirteen years old Kaila is the main character in the movie and she is eight grade after this she is going to high school. Before going to high school she must face catastrophic grades of the eighth -grade year. Cool movie, check it out!

eight grade

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8. Zama

This is a popular movie for 2018 and it’s about colonialism and class dynamics. The writer of this scenario is writer-director Lucrecia Martel.

9. The rider

I will tell you in short what this movie is about. Well, the main character is one cowboy who suffers an accident, lost his memory and look for his identity. Don’t miss it, is a really nice movie-drama, Chloé Zhao.

10. You were never really here – the last of our list best movies

You were never really here is the last on our list and is a psychological thriller directed by Lynne Ramsay. The main character is Joe (Joaquin Phoenix)- who rescues trafficked girls and lives with his mother. In this movie, he rescues Nina (Ekaterina Samsonov) and becomes a hero.