Take a Glimpse in Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas

Take a Glimpse in Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas

July 9, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Good morning dear friends. We have so many shoes at home but never enough space to organize all of it. We need shelves for our winter shoes, special shelves for our summer shoes and special shoes for our sports shoes. Take a glimpse of our useful shoe storage ideas and solve your problems with storage. ( if you live in a small home you must stay with us)

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Put your elegant shoes in the bed where you sleep

We rarely wear elegant shoes and this is why we should add this shoes at some place invisible for our guests, even for us too.

shoe storage ideas
Photo via www.madeiramadeira.com.br

Amazing shoe storage ideas – store the shoes in the bench in entryway

If you are smart you can use the bench that you sit on it i entrance hall also for storage your shoes. This is how will look this, is shown in the next photo that is photo number 2 from the post.

shoe storage
Photo via www.ricardo.ch

White shoe rack – place for all shoes

But if you choose this, you can find a place either for winter or summer shoes at home. For more details, check our photo.

shoes storage
Photo via www.unidsgn.com

Hide your summer shoes under the bench

Storage summer shoes on the bench that is placed near to the window. No one will know that here are your shoes!

shoe storage
Photo via www.revistacasaejardim.globo.com

Shoe storage ideas on the wall

This is how to arrange the shoes on the house walls, you just need wooden shelves for this aim. See photo now.

shoe storage ideas
Photo via www.decorsnob.com

Thanks for your time and keep following our page in the future when we will be back with our new storage ideas and will help you to organize your small home!