Surprising Floating Glass Stairs Will Take Your Breath Away

Surprising Floating Glass Stairs Will Take Your Breath Away

January 14, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

A house without modern stairs is like a book without pages. 🙂 Nice comparison to start this inspiring post, but first, let me tell you about what is it. It’s about how to choose suitable stairs for your home place and to climb up in style. We all want to have modern stairs in the home, but not many of us have enough place for that aim. There is a solution for the small homes and the owners can add floating spiral glass stairs that won’t keep too much from their space but otherwise will save the space. Ideas like these we have to offer you hereinafter throigh images.

In the following, you will see surprising floating glass stairs that will surely take your breath away!

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Spiral glass stairs for modern homes

Stairs at home are the thing that we can’t hide and every person who enter in our house pay attention firstly to the stairs. If you choose to bring this glass stairs in your home will make a focus stairs that everyone will wish to copy.

floating glass stairs
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Spectacular interior stairs made of glass

When I first saw this photo I thought is this really a stairs? Who will say that stairs can have so beautiful design and won’t keep a lot of our space. Please, also take a look in this photo and think if you want to have the same stairs at home.

amazing stairs
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Modern floating stairs to take your breath away

Hold your breath and see these type of stairs. there are some benefits of having glass stairs at home. One benefit is that you can keep it clean and the other most important is that you will have modern home.

modern stairs
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Extra good looking glass stairs for homes

Here we have similar stairs like those that I’ve mentioned previously. When you are looking from the upstairs you will think twice is this really a stairs or not? But, I must tell you that this is really are stairs. MODERN<ELEGANT<STUNNING STAIRS

modern indoor stairs
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Modern stairs for interiors

Spiral stairs will save you space at home but also will help you to have a modern house/ small apartment. Find motivation here in this photo which design is so inspiring and modern and copy the idea for home.

glass stairs
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Glass staircase with lighting

Perfect way to add lighting in the entryway is to make a combination of the floating steps and the hidden lights under the steps. Please check this photo which will be your biggest inspiration and also check the next photo which is the last for this post.

glass stairs with lighting
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Arc staircase with high quality

With floating glass stairs with black fences we will finish this post that was so inspiring. i hope that you found all of these ideas modern and amazing. your task now is to share it quickly with your friends on the social media!

glass staircase
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