Story About Bond Between Zookeeper and Giraffes in Skopje, Macedonia

Story About Bond Between Zookeeper and Giraffes in Skopje, Macedonia

November 19, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

What do you think, how much salary a zookeeper makes? Well, one research shows that one zookeeper can earn an average salary of 50, 398 $ per year, in the United States. But what about in our country, Macedonia and in the ZOO here that is placed in the major city Skopje? Here, zookeepers give unconditionally love for the animals and actually don’t get the same salary, but lower. Exactly this had inspired me to present you one love story between a zookeeper and giraffes through photos that will amaze you. Love is in the air, my dear friends! A person who loves animals have a good heart and pure soul and if you think same as me, take a look in the photos.

Skopje ZOO

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Let’s see together this love between animals and their zookeeper through photos that were shared recently on the nest and became a HIT. The name of these three giraffes are Casper, Tobago and Floppy and the name of the keeper is Riste. In my personal opinion, this man is using some special techniques that help him to get close to these animals and to feed them also to hug them.

Look at this love connection between the zookeeper and the giraffe that ruined people’s hearts around the world. I’m wondering would this man do the same thing with other animals, even those who are dangerous to people’s life. What do you think?

He is actually kissing the animal while he is feeding her, what an amazing photo shot. Some people don’t even feed those hungry children walking through the street and not to take care of the animals.

love story

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To be honest, people like this man are rarely and very hard to find. This is an amazing story that should be spread AROUND ALL THE WORLD, and I think that already is, so people will become more conscious about the life of the animals and the way how can we help, give them love and full protection.

To conclude, all in all, we don’t need to do everything in life just to be paid for. We can love animals and even though the salary is small, we can show them, unselfish love, to feed them even though we are not zookeepers. We can feed the hungry dogs and cats walking through the street without waiting for something for a retreat or waiting for a person to take a photo shot of us. It doesn’t really matter who we are but we can be people with BIG hearts and love for everyone. For the end of this post, I want to thank you for your attention and to invite you to check our website and to read an interesting story and also to find ideas about interior design and outdoor decor. I hope that you liked this post and you will share it with friends and people you know. Love the animals and they will give you back their love! Priceless feeling!

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