STOP RACISM: Children will play with everyone until a parent tells them not to

STOP RACISM: Children will play with everyone until a parent tells them not to

June 19, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. Children will play with everyone until a parent tells them not to and that’s why parents must teach the children to make no difference to the skin color. Stop racism!

Today we have something different which has no relations to the interior design but it has with growing and raising children in the best way. Children are the cutest creatures in this world and we as parents should teach them to love their friends, their school ages friends even though they are black or white.

What is racism and how can we define it?

Racism takes many forms and can happen in many places, can happen even in front of our eyes many times. It includes prejudice, discrimination or hatred directed at someone because of their color, ethnicity or national origin.

People often associate racism with acts of abuse or harassment. However, it doesn’t need to involve violent or intimidating behavior but even like this racism can hurt people hearts and feelings. Racial name-calling and jokes often happen in children ages and we as a parent should stop these things and actions.

As I mentioned, Racism can be revealed through people’s actions as well as their attitudes. It can also be reflected in systems and institutions. But sometimes it may not be revealed at all. Not all racism is obvious. For example, someone may look through a list of job applicants and decide not to interview people with certain surnames.

Racism is more than just words, beliefs and actions and if continues growing in children’s heart it will make damage to the feelings of these children.

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No one was born racist

To be racist you must grow with the thoughts that we must hate those who are different from us and have another skin color. Well, if you are asking me, I think that there are still parents who grow their children to be racist but also there are others who want to grow their children in a way to love other people independently how they look like. Me as a parent I educate my children to love their friends and to make no difference on the way they look so in this way I will stop racism to grow in the heart and mind of my children.

Black or white, we are all the same and even sometimes we can find some help in people who are different from us. On the contrary, those who are the same as we are will deny help to us. Many times happens this to me finally to understand that we should love all people in this world! If you have some interesting situation to share with us, please tell us in the comment and now see this cute photo!

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