Surprising DIY Spray Paint Decoration Ideas

Surprising DIY Spray Paint Decoration Ideas

November 11, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

One can of the spray paint won’t cost you a lot but you can make surprising spray paint decoration for indoor/outdoor. If you are really wondering how you can make do it yourself craft with this, take a look in these amazing ideas.

Spray paint decoration – mirror frames for bathroom walls

If you don’t want to throw the old crochet for table mat, but in the same way you don’t want to throw it away, simply reuse it. By using spray paint you can create a lovely mirror frame that will beautify any wall of the house place. For full instructions, check this link.


Spray painted decor balls

Make balls of wool and after making it, paint it with spray paint. In the following photo, we give you the chance to take a look at the final result of this project. For more information, check this link that will take you to your favourite website.

Spray paint art on a paper

Be an artist who is always trying to give the best of himself to make art crafts. Here we give you one absolutely great idea about adding a flower on a white paper, the next step is to spray the paint colour and there you have one amazing phoot for your picture frames. Do more paper art like this and make the best wall decoration ever.

spray paint

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Reuse the old bottles for creating flower vases

The old glass bottles can be reused in a creative way. You can make lovely flower vases of it and all you need is a little time, motivation and idea. If you have no idea how to make this, read the full tutorial and instructions on this link.

spray paint vases

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Paint the tree branches for home decor

Another great decorative element for home decor is three branches that can be painted in any colour. In this example, you can see gold coloured tree branches

Reuse the old stones for tabletop decoration

Look at this amazing tabletop decoration that is actually made of rocks that are just spray painted in gold colour. Your table can have the best design and you can have the best home decor.

Paint the pumpkins in grey silver colour

What a lovely decoration for fall period. You can paint even the pumpkins and to create lovely decorative elements.

Paint the old flower pot and get an expensive decorative element

Use gold colour to paint the old flower pot and flowers in it. Get gold decoration for home place, make this craft in your free time.

Paint the old and unused ventilator at home

Give the old ventilator new look with a gold paint colour that you can make just with adding a spray. Although, you can make front door decor by using a spray, take a look in this photo and find the idea for house place. This is the last photo of this post and here we must STOP our friendship!