Smart Ways to Hide Valuables When You Aren’t at Home

Smart Ways to Hide Valuables When You Aren’t at Home

November 29, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

To all of us, many times had happened to go out of the house and to feel afraid that someone will steal our money and valuables. Sometimes, someone stays at home but also there is a period when no one stays at home and you have so many things that are very important for you. Do you need a safe place? Hereinafter, we will mention some smart ways to hide valuables when you aren’t at home and I hope that all this will be useful and practical for you.

I’m sure that you haven’t heard yet about the following interesting places that you can use for saving the valuables at home, like keys, money, golden bracelets and credit cards. Be a smart person and be sure that your things are safe while you are out of the house!

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Use your shoe storage idea to hide the credit cards and the keys

Who will ever think that you have hidden the valuables in your shoes? Well, there are a lot of shoes with a place for storage and this is the place where you can ensure your keys from the car, your credit cards and some other things you have.

Hollow out a book to hide valuables

Another cool way to hide the valuables is to hollow out a book and to add money in this hole. I don’t think that any robber will ever try to steal your money from the book because they don’t read books. So, be smart and make sure that you will find all the things safe when you will come back from work.

hollow out a book

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Hide the things under the plant in the pot

When robbers enter one house they crush everything in front of them but they don’t think that your priceless things are hidden under the plant. so, be the smarter one and make sure that your things are at a safe place.

Hide the things you have inside the PVC pipes

Reuse the PVC pipes and save all the things that are priceless to you in this place. Who will ever think to look for something right there in the holes of the PVC pipes? Noone, and you will have peace when you aren’t at home.

Hollow out a paper notes and hide your valuables

In the same way as the hole of the book is to make a hole of the paper notes and to hide your money, your keys, your credit cards and all the things you want to ensure at home when you are out. When your valuable things are safe and you are using some of these mentioned ideas you will have the chance to pass all day outside of the house and when you will be back all the things will be waiting for you at the place where you left it.