Small Balcony Design Worth Copying

Small Balcony Design Worth Copying

October 25, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

It doesn’t matter how large your balcony space is, but what really matters is what balcony design you have chosen. I think that we all need a small space where we can catch some fresh air, to drink our coffee without going ours of the house. All we need to do is to go one step further of the house, to open the door of our lovely small balcony design and to adore this place. But, to adore this place, first of all, we should take care of the design elements and do that with love and passion.

I haven’t the idea that one small place can still keep the modern design until I saw the images below. This is the basic reason why I’ve chosen to give you a few useful ideas that will help you to design this part of the apartment or house. Scroll down, peek in the following images and copy the style that is simply MAGNIFICENT!

If you love DIY crafts, inspire yourself in these DIY furniture made of tires that you can also add t on your small balcony design.

Create a small seating area

When we think of balcony the first thing that comes to our mind is a place for seating and relaxation. For that reason, we should think about small chairs, a small bench that we can use for seating but also leave space for other decorative elements. In this photo, we have 3 balcony design. the first one tells us how to add a wooden bench where we can read our favourite books, in the second one to leave a place for a vertical garden, coffee table and two small stools. And, at the third design, we have two chairs with a table that looks romantic and are a perfect idea for couples who want to eat dinner outside of the house.

Add a small cushion as a part of a small balcony design

Small cushion will make your balcony to have a modern and cute design. One small space will suddenly transform the style into a lovely large place where you can spend a lovely time. With a few flower pots and pillows, you can create the place of your dreams.

Wooden floor tiles, built-in bench and two chairs

When you have a small place for an arrangement you need to think how to make the decor but in a vertical way, not in horizontal line. For example, you can add a built-in bench in the balcony and by the way to have space for two chairs and a table. In this way, this place will have the function as the large balcony places. Check this photo and copy the design for your own outdoor space.

Create a tiny herb garden

Another great idea is to create a herb garden there and by the way, you will still have a great place for seating and relaxing. If you want a privacy in this place, think about adding a metal or wooden screens that will cover the balcony place.