Six steps to perfect home manicure

Six steps to perfect home manicure

March 23, 2014 Off By David Bankston

The appearance of the nail is very important for a woman. Instead of giving money at beauty salons, here are tips on how to do a perfect manicure at home.

Necessary tools

The most important thing is to be organized. Find a wide, flat surface where you do your manicure (as your work table for example), and assemble all necessary materials. It is crucial to have the reach to not ruin manicures asking something that you need for the next step. Here’s what you will need:  soap, Brush Nail, Small towel (which will use only when doing manicures), Nail polish remover or acetone nail, Brush top with italic, pieces of cotton, Nail files,  Gel softening cuticle,   Tool for removing cuticle, Hand Lotion, Basis of nail polish, Lacquer shine nail.

Remove the arc that you have done before to your nails. If the arc was darker use polish remover containing more acetone. Do not forget to completely clean your nails, especially paying attention to the edges. Then wash well with soap and if you have time it is desirable to do some bath. While washing your hands, use the nail brush and rub them well. This will soften the cuticles and will be easier to remove later. Once nails are perfectly clean, move on the next step.


Arrange your nails to be equal in size. Unequal length don’t leave a nice impression no matter how good is the manicure. Have patience. Then decide what form will give them, whether they are straight, rounded or pointed at the tips. If your nails are brittle, better do a manicure nails quite short. Nobody says that short nails are feminine and sweet, on the contrary.


Once you are satisfied with the length of the nails, it is time to remove cuticles that are not desirable. First apply a gel to soften the cuticle on the first hand. Wait to soak and remove the tool. Remove your fingers well with the small towel, then repeat this procedure on the other hand. This step is not always necessary when doing manicures, but once or twice a month is good. Wash your hands and apply lotion or hand cream. Apply the drip well to soak in the skin.

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Apply the base for nail polish. It is advisable to choose one with ingredients for strengthening nails. First color your left hand nails, then the right. Do not wait arc that dealt on how to dry completely, no need. Plus, though these cosmetics do not require a long time to dry, so this saves time.
Apply a thin first layer of varnish color you’ve chosen. Be careful, the less mess you make, the less time you will be required to settle later. Don’t color the entire surface of the nail, avoid the edges.
Apply a layer of the left hand and one on the right layer. Then apply the second layer of the nail of his left hand. Apply a thin layer and take your time. For good manicure always need attention and time. Remember that it is always easier to add than to subtract. Apply another layer if you want the color to be darker, but do not overdo it.

Now it is time to tidy up the mess around the nails. Take the tool and carefully cross the surface of the skin around the nails to remove the arc that is not required. Then take the brush and carefully soak it in acetone. Spend inland over the nail.

Apply a clear gloss varnish for nail and wait longer to fully dry nails. Once you have completely dry nails, wash your hands and apply lotion. It is desirable to use some of the baby oil for better effect and softer skin.
That’s it, your manicure is over, and your nails look perfect. No one would think that you can do the perfect home manicure.