Sharing Bed With Dog, Yes or No?

Sharing Bed With Dog, Yes or No?

April 17, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Hi friends. I saw an article on the net about how one little girl shared her bed with a pitbull every night and their parents permitted this. Even if this pitbull was loyal, I don’t think that every animal is loyal and safe and we as parents shouldn’t permit to our children to sleep with dogs together. This motivated me to write a post, is sharing a bed with a dog is okay or isn’t it? I don’t think that this is a good idea, for some little kids to share their bed with dog/cat or any other pet they own. But of course, this is my opinion and scientists say that it’s totally ok for adults to share their bed with their dog!

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Sharing bed with dog

sharing bed with dog
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A recent study published by Mayo Clinic was analyzing 40 dogs that slept with their owners and find out that 80% of them have no problems while sleeping. Both of them, dogs and owners slept 8 hours.

,, There are dogs that tend to be more reactive to stimuli. So, for example, if the dog is on the bed and the owner turns and inadvertently hits the dog with the leg, some dogs will get startled and react out of fear.” 

Said Dr. Siracusa, the doctor included in the survey done in the Mayo Clinic.

If you are asking me, I think that every dog should be living outside of the house and the idea to sleep with the dog, sounds crazy. How can you be sure that your dog is safe for you, for your kids? Okay, you know that the dog knows you, you feed them, but the dog can’t keep hygiene as humans can. Every dog should have a different house, a different bed and here to sleep. Otherwise, per day, children, adults, and dogs can spend all day together. which is your opinion about the topic, tell us in a comment!

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