Design of the Week: How to Screen Print T-Shirts From Home

Design of the Week: How to Screen Print T-Shirts From Home

August 13, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

If you want to wear a screen print t-shirt, it doesn’t mean that you must buy it. The price of these t-shirts is expensive and you will need to wait for some time. Now, there is a lot of tutorials on the net about how to print t-shirts in your own home. A little creativity and time can save you time and money. If you succeed to make a printed t-shirt this can be a business idea for you. You can sell these t-shirts and to earn money. Or, you can give it as a present for your loved ones.

Fantastic idea for those who want to start a small business from home. Make the best t-shirt and wear it with a style or sell it! You really need to see the design of the week: How to screen print t-shirts from home! Follow the instructions.

Choose simple design

Firstly you need to choose a t-shirt and an image to add to your t-shirt. Choosing a simple design as letters, hearts, triangle, stars, diamonds, circles. All these are smart ideas because it can be effective and easily done.

Build the Frames

Before attaching the screen you need to build the frames. Frames are different and vary of the size and the type of the t-shirts. One frame can be made of wood and glue.

Spread the photo emulsion on the screen to print t-shirts

After choosing the design and building the frames, you need to add the screen. Now, your design is prepared and the step that follows is to print onto a t-shirt. First, choose a table with a flash surface, add your t-shirt here. Place the screen but make sure is good aligned. The screen should be added around the edges of the underside. With your hand hold the screen, add a paper stencil up to the ink. With the other hand scroll down together with the ink. Check if the screen is centred above the paper. Repeat this step with as many shirts you want. Before doing this, my advice to you is to make first a print test on some old t-shirt.

Lift the screen up

Meanwhile, with one hand lift the screen up from the bottom edge and then away. In the same time, with the other hand hold the fabric down. If the ink seems drier you need to wash it urgently. It is impossible to get out the water-based ink if gets dried. And remember that these materials are just for one usage.

Remove the paper stencil

Removing the paper stencil and washing the screen with cold water is the last step. You must do this if you want to print again.  Use a sponge or wet wipes to scrub it gently. Ensure that you get all the ink out. Leave the screen to air-dry before printing again.


Well, this is all, my folks! If you follow this steps you will succeed to make print t-shirts from your home!



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