Research on How Effective is Online Learning

Research on How Effective is Online Learning

May 14, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Starting in March, online learning continues in almost all countries around the world. Due to Covid-19, schools were closed, students stayed home and so the teachers too. With the aim to be finished the school year, 2019-2020, students started with E-learning or also known as online learning.

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The question is: Can really online lessons replace the standard classroom studying?

How effective online learning is, read more about it in this post, and research I made on the net. I will focus on students and not on the teacher. Here you will find all answers to your questions in your head!

Comparison between online classes and in-person classes

The research says that online classes aren’t so effective as in-person classes. The reasons are several and here I want to mention some of them. First of all, some students even if they want to attend the classes, they don’t have wifi, laptop or even smartphone. About the others that have all these but don’t have time and motivation to sit and listen to the classes, is the other reason.

Some students can’t get up so early to attend the classes, they want to visit their grandparents in a period when they can leave the home. Some of them aren’t so serious when it comes to word online learning. For example, when they are at school they must listen the teacher and when they are at home, they even don’t want to write their homework.

Advantages of online classes and E- learning

When we put the negative sides on the side, we also have some benefits and advantages of at-home classes. The advantages are that when you learn at home, you can get better grades because when you make a test you can check in your notebook or look for the question on the phone. The other advantages is that you are at home and you eat whatever you want, drink whatever you like.

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However, the year must be finished in a way like this and in the end teachers must put the grades in their online dictionary. I’m not sure that many students will be satisfied with grades but what can we do, unless to motivate ur children to learn more, to attend online classes, and to help a little with their homework. I’m not saying to write homework with them but to help a little, and we all have time for this!

Here I will end my research and next time when I will write a post about online learning, I will focus on teachers. This situation isn’t easy for them too!