Plastic Bottles Recycling Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

Plastic Bottles Recycling Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

January 21, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Good morning friends! Some of you are already at work, others that stayed at home, prepare coffee for you, and stay with our page today. The very first reason to stay with us is that we have wonderful ideas for you and we won’t take you too much time. We will try to present you in short, our cool plastic bottle recycling ideas! Stay with us and learn how to spend your free time in a quality way!

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Plastic bottles planters you haven’t seen before

Do the vertical garden in the best way and for this aim use plastic bottles. Let this photo be your inspiration for sure! Fins some idea in the photo that follows now!

hanging garden
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Make a perfect plate for your little cat and do this by an old plastic bottle

Feed your cat with an amazing plastic bottle plate. do the best craft for your pets at home. Pay attention to the second photo from the post.

plastic bottles cat feeder
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Be creative and reuse the plastic bottles to make cash case for your lovely children

Make cash case with the help of one plastic bottles and spend just 5 minutes to make it. Follow this link to make things clear.

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Recycling plastic bottles and making flower lamp for table

If you have a broken lamp, this is the best way to fill the space and make lam shadow by recycling plastic bottles. Find some idea in the photo that follows.

plastic lamps
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Different ideas on plastic bottles recycling in the next photo collage

What we can see in the photo now is about how to make a pencil case for your children, flower pots, bird feeder, small house and all this done by plastic bottles. Be creative and choose some of these ideas to make, something that you badly need it.

plastic bottles recycling
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DIY creative phone holder in an easy way and with the same material – plastic bottle

We saw cash case, lampshade, plate for your cat, small house done by recycling bottles and now we will also see how to make phone holders. Take a look at the photo now and think bout to make the same at your own home place.

phone holder
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All in all, we are to the end of the post and hope you will share these ideas with creative friends, friends who want to make crafts at home and enjoy it!