Optical Illusion: 3D Drawings That Will Make You Say WOW

Optical Illusion: 3D Drawings That Will Make You Say WOW

September 7, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Some people are born with an innate talent for 3D drawings and painting an optical illusion. The following photos will amaze you and you will make you wonder if the artworks are really drawn by hand. I may ensure you that the photos are drawn by talented artists, drawn in 3D and their talent is speechless. Maybe some of them use tricks for making masterpieces like this one.

I invite you to see door illusion drawings, hole in the paper trick, how to paint 3D castle, how to draw an animal in 3D, hole in the paper etc. Don’t miss these 3D drawings that will make say WOW!

Door Illusion Trick – 3D Drawings

On this draw, we can see interior steps and a door which makes us believe that this is not drawn but real!

Drawing 3D hole in the paper – an optical illusion

If you think that this drawing in 3D is very wrong, probably you don’t know the tricks that artists and painters use for making a masterpiece.

Tunnel of the stairs – Draw in 3D

Hidden Tunnel of the stairs is presented in this draw. How much time, patience and effort one painter will need to draw it?

Draw 3D castle

3D castle that looks completely incredible. Look at this talent and creativity to make an artwork of one empty blank page.

Incredible tap faucet pencil drawings

Just for a moment, I thought this is a photoshop, but when I looked twice realized that this tap faucet is actually hand painted by some very good painter.

Sketch of natural drawing on an animal in 3D

How interesting and impressive idea! When looking in the paper you think that this animal can’t wait for the painter to finish the draw and to escape from it.


Drawing tiny house

Ilussion picture painted of someone who knows the drawing tricks very good.

tiny house

Photo via www.imgur.com


Line paper stick in the hole – an Unbelievable trick

This tricks can be only made in a notebook with lines. There are a lot of steps on the net where you can read about how to paint in 3D in a notebook with lines. You might check the link above the last photo and to learn some of it.

Hole in the paper, Optical illusion

This trick is used by kids and adults who enjoy drawing and making artworks. Raed the seven steps and learn how to draw a simple hole in the blank paper. You can start with a simple drawing and with little time and practise finally to be a professional artist!

3D painted stairs- optical illusion

This is the last photo of this post. Let’s describe in short this image. Climbing stairs drew in 3D looks very creative. Check our top website to learn how to make screen printed t-shirt at home. Or, if you want to learn more about easy 3D drawings check out this website

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