OMG! Absolutely Fun Plastic Bottles Reuse

OMG! Absolutely Fun Plastic Bottles Reuse

February 24, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Hi friends. How are you today? We are fine, thanks for asking and today will keep on absolutely great ideas. We will present you absolutely fun plastic bottles reuse. You can learn how to make a flower pot from bottles, candle holders, birdhouses and many other things.

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Plastic bottles reuse- make a birdhouse

The very first idea and the start of our today’s post are about how to make a lovely small birdhouse with the reuse of plastic bottles. Let this photo be your inspiration so you can copy the idea and make it in your free time!

plastic bottles reuse
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Make lovely flower pots by reusing plastic bottles

In the second idea, we can see how to reuse the old plastic bottles, paint them and plant our flowers here. Take a look at the second idea from the post and find some idea in the photo that follows now.

plastic bottle pot
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Perfect idea to make vertical garden with plastic bottles

Give new life to the plastic bottles, reuse it and also save space in making a vertical garden. Take a view in the third idea from this post which is so amazing.

bottle hanging garden
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Shoe storage shelves made by plastic bottles

Plastic bottles reuses can be fun and can save you space. You can space here all the summer shoes that you don’t use during the winter period. Take a look in the following photo and find idea for home.

plastic bottles shoes storage
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Make an experiment in plastic bottle flower pot

All experiments that children are done at school can be grown in palstic bottle flower pots. Spend some time to find inspiration in the photo that follows now and make the same for your children.

plastic bottles reuses
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DIY candle holder by reusing the plastic bottles

The last idea will be the most impressive from the post. It’s about how to give new life to the plastic bottles and make the perfect holder for candles. This will be the end of the post, I hope that you will try to make some of the things we gave you.

candle holder
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Idea to idea, slowly but surely, we are to the end of the post and now I must say bye to you. I invite you also to CHECK our last post about why some parents DO play favorite and prefer their smallest children (baby) in the family. Thanks a lot for your time and have a nice rest of the day!