Humans Consume More Natural Resources Than Earth Can Produce It

Humans Consume More Natural Resources Than Earth Can Produce It

August 23, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Human consumption of natural resources is larger than earth production. In the last 40 years, the human use of these resources tripled. Humans consume a lot of natural resources like water, sunlight, atmosphere or land. But, the QUESTION is: Can earth really keep up with increasing consumption and use of its production? Check out this post and find the ANSWER.

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Natural resources can’t keep up with human consumption

The problem is that there ain’t enough place for all people living on earth. 1,25 hectares aren’t enough to provide resources for a family with 4 members. Imagine, the earth has to take care of around 7,5 billion people. Earth is exhausted and can’t keep up!

Climate change

What are the negative sides of climate change? Well, there are a lot of negative sides. The earth can be damaged by climate change. Due to climate change, a lot of plant and animals are replaced by others. Some of them we will never see again. On the cold places now they are warm, the ice on rivers and lakes breaks sooner. This means there are no eyes in cold places. Some type of animals who are supposed to be living in cold areas can’t get up on this atmosphere. We are witness to heat waves that is bad for people, bad for trees and flowers. This summer, 2018, in Spain and Portugal there were record hot temperatures. When happens this, the air is dry and also the land.

Global warming

The same as climate change, the global warming has also an influence on earth. But, do you know that global warming has a big effect on climate changes. This is the biggest problem that one nation faces. People shouldn’t think as there is no tomorrow. We should take care of the earth, to save natural resources and to make a future. The consequences of Global warming are nylon and nitric acid production in the air. We, people, are breathing dirty air and this results with health problems. The uses of fertilizers in agriculture release gas Nitrous Oxide that is bad for our health. Read more about Global Warming and make things clear.

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Taking care of the Earth

We should take care of nature and earth. The thing that natural give us is very precious. We have air to breathe, water to drink. We have sunlight to enjoy all day long. Land with minerals and atmosphere are also the things nature give us. It gives us without asking something for a back. That’s why we need to be grateful for this.

How many Earths the US needs to satisfie human consumption of resources

Beleive or not, US needs amazing 4 Earths to sustain such a level of consumption. The consumption is growing in a year to year. There is no solution for global warming and climate changes which had a negative influence on nature. Some recent researches say that if Biosphere 2 fails, we will have no place to live in. If there will be no solution to this problem until 20150, we will have nowhere to go.