Most Visited National Parks in the World

Most Visited National Parks in the World

April 2, 2014 Off By David Bankston

The national parks are home of hundreds different species of flora and fauna. These parks are so beautiful and unique, that you should visit them without a doubt. The national parks are an important part of the heritage of the country where they belong. In addition, here are 10 most visited national parks in the world.

 Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Charles Darwin performed many of his observations right here, and they led to his theory of natural selection. The Galapagos Islands are the most visited natural treasure of UNESCO. The most famous “resident” is the giant turtle, and because of that, the islands are named exactly according to this member of the animal population.


Sagarmatha, Nepal

This Park lies at the largest mountain in the world, and offers a unique experience for the visitors. Mount Everest is the home of the Sherpa tribe, which is in constant interaction with the visitors. There are many beautiful hotels and various types of accommodation that can be found in Khumbu. Those who want more mountain experience can find cheaper housing and easier accessibility in mountain huts.


Yellowstone, USA

This spectacularly colorful national park offers everything, from colorful hills to picturesque lakes. Thousands of species live here, including two bears, which are often close to the car to greet tourists. Tickets for the park are extremely cheap, and because of that, this park has many visitors.


Kruger, South Africa

This African safari is one of the things that are on top of everyone’s wish list. Lions, tigers, elephants and giraffes waiting to be visited. You can even socialize with local tribes who still live there. Each accommodation has a five -star, and is located in the park, or in the 15 – minute ride of there. You can hire a leader who will guide you through the extraordinary animal population of the park.


Machu Picchu, Peru

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More than 500,000 tourists visit Machu Picchu annually, because is one of the most beautiful placed in the earth. Fascinating history and ancient archaeological sites are the main attraction and the incredible landscape also.


Fiordland national park, New Zealand

Fiorlend is the largest of the 14 national parks in New Zealand, and is home to deer, seals, dolphins and kiwi – birds. The park is ideal for hiking and walking, and there are many different paths that pass through the 12,500 square meters of open space. Staggering glaciers and deep fjords give this park looks like it is from another world.


 Cockatoo, Australia

National Park Cockatoo has the same size as the whole Slovenia. Aborigines are still living in this area, besides having them here and 60 mammal species, 280 bird species and 10,000 species of insects. You will need a car to explore the wild beauty of this spectacular place.


Swiss national park, Switzerland

The Swiss National Park is the only one of its kind in Switzerland. Forms part of the Biosphere Reserved by UNESCO and is one of the first national parks in Europe. The park has strict rules and guests are not allowed to leave the road during the visit. Camping, fire and sleeping out is strictly prohibited. Guests are not allowed to bring any dogs in the park, even if searching for something.
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Guilin and Lijiang River, China

This exotic and adventure park is impressive. Visitors can prowl along the River Li, and enjoy the different sights that are offered. Famous writers wrote poems based on the natural beauty of the famous hills with tree trunks known as Elephant Trunk, Dragon Head and Five Fingers.


 Yosemite National Park, California

In the heart of California laid 5 spectacular waterfalls that have become top tourist destination. This wide variety of plants and animals live between the valleys and lakes. Such a beautiful place should be visited.

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