Monitor your kid’s mobile activities

Monitor your kid’s mobile activities

June 23, 2020 Off By Helen Olsson

The development of smartphones and online app technologies has made children crazy. They even forget to eat or sleep on time. Parents are struggling a lot to control and tracking their activities. Why should you worry about, family is helping you keep an eye on your child? You can visit the website and download it now.

 Family orbit:

Family Orbit is the best all-round mobile monitoring app. It has a wide range of apps. When you visit the website, you will get a great GPS feature that helps you to find a child location any time you like it. You can also review their email, phone calls, and web browsing history. Family Orbit also allows you to check videos and pictures that are stored on your phone. This protects them from any content that is not appropriate for their age. If you want comprehensive software that helps you defend your child by monitoring their phone, Family Orbit is the best choice. You can protect your kids by visiting the website and download now family orbit app. 

Family Orbit Desktop will decode your recovery and send logs to your private online account. The process occurs automatically and remotely control so you just need to connect your child’s Smartphone to your computer to get new logs. Family orbit has the following benefits.

• Clear and easy to run.

• Specialized GPS tracking technology;

• Strategies for automated screen control.

Restricted activities for children:

You can restrict your activities by monitoring children’s actions on their smartphones. You can also track Facebook messages, YouTube activities. You can see all the websites visited by kids and check what they’re doing when they visit the web browser. You can also download their messages and emails by download now and visit the website.

Tracking kids Location: 

If your kids bring their smartphones with them all over the place, you can easily track them using a family orbit. You can control them using some of the features of a family orbit. You can track Integral, Twitter, and Face book activities by download now this app. You can read every email you have sent and received in detail. If you download this app, you also know the exact location of your child at any time.

 Track Duration of the screen:

Social media monitoring is one of the most useful features. You can also set up time on-screen via Family orbit and you can get daily updates that you can set limits on their smartphone. Many apps help you to control everything including your children’s social media. You can download now family orbit app and check their time spend on a smartphone screen.

Access call logs:

You can control their phone logs, such as your call history, visited websites, text messages by simply download now. You simply install this app by using your smartphone. This allows users to view incoming and outgoing calls with the dates they occurred, the length of the call, and the time of the day it took place. Read all text and MMS messages that have been sent or received, even if they have been deleted. If your child multiple times ignores your text and phone calls, you can freeze your child’s phone by taking over the child’s screen. This forces the child to call the parent back to unlock the phone.


We have tested the website, it provides great features. This website is 100% secure and useful. It also provides an app that you can install on your mobile phone and track kids all activities.