Making Skis From Recycled Materials

Making Skis From Recycled Materials

January 5, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Many of us for the winter period have free time to travel to the mountains and there to ski with skis or with the sled. But what if you don’t have sled or skis we will tell you how making skis from recycled material can be fun! We will keep on how to make skis for outdoor but also skis for indoor places and have fun with all family members!!!

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Making skis from plywood

Here is the first step of making the skis and using it outdoors. Take a look at all the steps we offer you and we will take you to the final result. Be creative and patient to come to the final result and last step.

diy skis
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In the second photo, we can see the next step and we should take paint and brush and jus complete our project ( paint the skis).

plywood skis
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Maybe your hands will be dirty, but you will make amazing skis that can be used for mountains and you can be proud of craft done with love and patience.

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Here is the final result of the skis, homemade.

homemade skis
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Plastic bottle and cardboard boxes skis

The best way to recycle the old plastic bottles is to make skis from it. All you need to do is to add the plastic bottles on cardboard boxes and enjoy in the snow or use it only at home!!! Take a look at the photo for details.

making skis
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