Let’s Take a Glance in One Extraordinary House Decor

Let’s Take a Glance in One Extraordinary House Decor

June 10, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hello, there dear friends. Our last post was about how to choose a multi functional bed with storage for our house place but this time we will show you the design for all the possible rooms you have at home. For this reason, stay where you are and check our amazing ideas that we have to show you, we will take you to one extraordinary house decor!

We will enter in this modern home decor but we will start with the entryway design which is the first photo when we enter in one’s house. Let’s see the entryway as part of this extraordinary home decor!

house decor

After the entryway we will take you firstly to the bathroom which is one of the most visited rooms from the house. I mean not just visited from us but also from our guests who are very curious to see nice design.

Adding glass office in your small hidden home office looks so fine and this is the third room we have on the list to show you for today. If you are a person who works from home, see this elegant house design and home office placed under the stairs. Also you will see the other part from the entrance hall before we take you to the second floor to see the bedroom decor.

And now it’s time to see the bedroom place which is also very important for every one of us. As you can see there are storage racks for your clothes, one mirror modern frames on the wall and one modern lounge chair. Stay with us to see the other part from the bedroom that we will try to show you.

The other part from the bedroom is a stylish bed, a modern wardrobe which is built in the wall and this combination will help you in creating the best sleeping room. Please also check our post about how to choose the best green plants for home place and to beautify it the interior in a cool way. Bring the green nature in the bedroom or entryway place and love the decor.

Here is the kitchen place where the dominant color is the black color. With a design like this, you can cook in a style and you will be proud to show your friends this amazing design. Also, check the other photo to see the living room and with that photo, we will finish this post.

black kitchen

This is the living room area and the last photo from this post. If you are asking for my advice, I think that this design looks so fine and you will steal some of the decorative elements for the table that is in the center of your living room. Feel free to take a look in it and to keep following us in the future!!!

modern living room