Just Sit and Wait – Karma Works!

Just Sit and Wait – Karma Works!

July 8, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Do you believe in karma? Well, let me tell you that karma works and waits for you to make some mistakes! Stay with us for a while and read this interesting post that we prepared for you. We won’t keep you so much time but just a few minutes!

Karma is giving you back that thing that you put out. There is no need for revenge because this is what we all get, what we all deserve. If you are the reason for someone suffering you will be also suffering one day. what comes around goes around and coming back around!

karma works
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Those who hurt you will eventually hurt themselves because karma is here. You now that case when you want to make something bad to someone but it returns to you and to your kids. To me, it often goes back to my kids.

When you use the last toilet paper in bathroom and you don’t add another toilet and you are the next going to the bathroom. Well, this is KARMA.

You that birds eat ants when they are alive but when they are dead, ants eat them. This is KARMA and she never sleeps!

Karma works as you work in the garden, you reap what you sow and all this goes in one circle. We must be aware to say good words to people, to have nice thoughts in our minds, and to wait for something good to happens to us. You get what you give, if you give love yo will get love!

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ADVICE: Pay attention to what you are doing every day because everything that you are doing will come back to you! Bye!