Just Amazing Pedestrian Bridges Around The World

Just Amazing Pedestrian Bridges Around The World

September 9, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey dear friends. The world is full of amazing architecture buildings and innovational pedestrian bridges and modern roads. Those people who have a chance to travel around the world, probably have seen admirable buildings and constructions. Recently, I’ve written about the most dangerous roads in the world. But today, our pedestrian bridges are the topic of this inspiring post.

Come on, I invite you to see the most amazing pedestrian bridges around the world. The lucky knot bridge, London’s nine elm bridge, Swan river bridge in Australia, The Chunhua footbridge in Shenzhen, Circular bridge Shangai, Dutch city bridge, The Webb bridge in Melbourne Docklands and many other attractions. Scroll down to see and explore bridges that are a synonym for modern architecture!

The Lucky Knot Bridge

This bridge is not a simple bridge but also a connection between two river banks. Long 185 metres and 24 metres high this innovational bridge is placed in Chinese megacity Changsha.

London’s nine elm bridge

You can find this bridge in London, on the south bank. The building of this modern bridge cost £26 million in private funding.

bridge London

Photo via www.dezeen.com

Swan River pedestrian bridge, Western Australia

The superstructure of this pedestrian bridge is about 2172 tonne. About the span for the top to the bottom is 72 metres, which makes this the most iconic place od Perth, Australia. Built by Western Australians this bridge is on our list of the best bridges around the world.

Circular pedestrian bridge Shangai

Shangai’s pedestrian bridge is constructed in 2011. The main reason for construction was to save Shanganians of traffic and turnabouts. Smart idea for one large city of 24.15 million inhabitants.

The Chunhua footbridge in Shenzhen, China

This pedestrian bridge in China is the most striking bridge in all world. Its large 14-meter-wide overpass and cost $7.8 million. Imagine this!

pedestrian bridge

Photo via www.basnews.com

Maitland Boulevard, Florida pedestrian bridge

Florida traffics has been improved by building one innovative bridge on Maitland Boulevard. Take a look at what architecture admires, the great work of the designers and architects. Some people belive that there is a mistake in building and this bridge will colapse in near future.

Dutch city circular bridge, Hovenring

Placed in the Netherlands and built in 2012, this is a bridge with a height of 70 metres, and diameter of 72 metres. The addition to this bridge is the lighting that helps the cyclist to drive carefully and to get away from the traffic.

The Webb Bridge in Melbourne Australia – One of the nicest pedestrian bridges

Finally, we are to the end of this inspiring post and to the last image of it. Where to go to see contemporary architecture buildings if not in China and Australia. This time, I want to show you the Webb bridge over the Yarra river. I hope you like the idea to explore bridges around the world. If yes, share this post with your friends and show them the most amazing bridges in all world!

pedestrian bridges

Photo via www.land8.com

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