Impressive Wooden Logs Interiors and Exteriors

Impressive Wooden Logs Interiors and Exteriors

August 6, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. If you are our faithful follower, probably you know that our page offers the best exterior and interior design ideas. Did you read the last post about interesting pallets furniture? No? Check the link and read what you are missed, something so nice.

Today, we will show you impressive wooden logs interiors and exteriors and hope you will like to share these ideas with friends. You will see wooden logs exteriors, wooden logs bed for bedroom and daybed for the living room, where walls are also made with logs. Spend a nice time with us and keep following for more ideas.

Amazing log outdoors in the villa placed in Safari

In the first photo, we can see how cedar logs can be used to make an amazing outdoor place even if we are talking about the villa. Sometimes isn’t that you wish to save your money and to make the cheap decor at home, but it’s about to design exterior in a modern way.

impressive wooden logs interiors
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Stunning day bed made again with wooden logs

Well, in the second photo from the post we can see again nice decor. This is day bed, modern bed made from wooden logs and to be honest, it looks amazing. Take a look in the photo now to leave your impressions.

log sofa
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Impressive wooden logs wall decor and bedroom

Actually, in the third photo, we can see the full design of the log house which has also indoor decor with logs. the wall is made by wooden logs, the bed also, the nightstand table and everything else. What do you think, can you live in a house like this, tell us in a comment below the post!

log bedroom
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Wooden logs exteriors and lovely small house

And in the next photo, we can see the exterior part of the wooden log house. In the previous photos, we saw the outdoor yard, we also saw the bedroom and kitchen while beds there are made by wooden logs and also the walls are from logs. Now, we have a chance to see how the house looks from exterior part. Let me tell you that this small house took part in my heart and I will surely wish to live in a house like this, even just for holidays! What about you, what you think?

wooden logs houses
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At the end of the post like always we say that we are thankful for your attention and time spent with us. With the hope that you will follow us in the future and seeing the best ideas!