Impressive Ideas With Tree Stumps

Impressive Ideas With Tree Stumps

September 8, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Are you a creative person and wish to make some crafts for indoors and outdoors place? Well, welcome, you are at the right place and reading the best post shared here. It’s about impressive ideas, how to reuse the tree stumps in the most creative ways.

You will see how to make a tree stump coffee table for the living room, how to make a wall lamp, flower vase, shelving and all this by reusing the tree stumps and tree trunks! Draw some inspiration in the photos that FOLLOWS!

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Tree stump coffee table for modern homes

In the first photo, we can see one cool idea and project we can make for our living room. To make this coffee table, we will need tree stump and a lot of free time, patience and effort! Take a glimpse in this impressive DIY table!

impressive ideas
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Tree trunk kitchen sink – a good idea for creative people

In the second idea and photo, we can see how wooden kitchen sink looks great and we can make this idea for outdoor kitchens and to be creative. See the idea to find some inspiration in it and if you need it for outdoors, just make it..

tree trunk kitchen sink
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Impressive ideas – make candles by reusing the tree stumps

Who will say that we can make tree stump candle holders? Well, I’m saying that YES you can make it and decorate the centerpiece of the tabletop! For more details about how are made and how to make it, follow the link below the photo and try to make it at least even try it.

tree stump candles
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The most impressive tree stump shelves

In the other idea, we can see some of the most amazing ideas EVER. This is tree stump wooden shelving unit and here we can store the things we have at home and enjoy in having cheap but modern shelves.

tree stump shelves
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You can make a wall lamp by using wood as material

If you are smart and creative person you can even make a tree sump wall lighting and making the home looking so modern. So, I invite you to see this design and to try to make these crafts in your home and make some impressions from it. This will be the last photo of these impressive ideas that we decided to share with you this day. Hope you found amazing all of it!

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Our aim was to inspire you and force you to make some crafts at home by reusing the tree stumps and trunks. If we achieve our goals, we are glad for doing this. Share the ideas with friends and we will be so thankful to YOU!

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