How You’re Unknowingly Damaging Your Quad Bike

How You’re Unknowingly Damaging Your Quad Bike

December 11, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

There are those obvious ways to ruin a quad bike such as crashing it into a wall but this article talks about the subtler things. These subtler things you are doing is another, much longer way, of running your quad bike into the ground. 

It’s simple, if you look after your quad bike and treat it with the proper care and attention, it will last its lifetime and potentially more. However, if you leave it to rust and forget about it, you will experience some issues sooner or later down the line. 

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This article will now go on to list some of the best ways you can look after your quad to ensure it runs longer. 

Things You May Be Doing That Can Ruin Your Quad Bike 

Just like a car, quad bikes are vehicles that need maintenance too. You would normally take your car in for a MOT test and in a similar way, there are certain checks that need to be done if your quad bike is to remain safe, functional and in the best possible condition. 

  • Leaving The Air Filter AloneNot cleaning the air filter is a sure-fire way to damage your quad’s horsepower and engine. Especially with more use, it needs cleaning regularly to ensure that your machine is running smoothly. This is because dust and dirt particles can get stuck easily and clog up the system, preventing it from running. Left to its own devices, these dirt particles get stuck to the engine wall; they make the air filter dirty, and air is needed to produce the power. Remember if you ride in muddy, dusty or dirty places, the air filter requires cleaning at least once a day. 
  • Rarely Changing The Oil – Similar to the air filter, the oil can have a build-up of junk and debris coming from various things. This will lead up to a breakdown of the engine sooner or later. Just remember, the more puddles, rain and dirt you go through, the more frequently you will need to check and replace the oil. At least change the oil once a year and more often if you ride frequently. 
  • Leaving The Bolts – Bolts should be tightened with a wrench or socket every so often to ensure everything is tight and working as it should be. Remember things such as the lug nuts, pivot bolt, axle nuts, wheel hubs and skid plate bolts. These are all crucial areas you will want to keep an eye on and ensure they are tight all-season round. 
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These are some of the ways you could be harming your quad. Remember them and ensure that you do not commit the same mistakes. 

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